QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Departure for Coruscant

Qi’ra had never been on a Star Destroyer before but she was thankful that it was under positive circumstances. Captain Peer was the first to greet her, a smile on his face as he led her across the massive hangar filled with stormtroopers walking to and fro. There were Imperial officers going to foresee their various duties and walls lined with TIE fighters and TIE bombers that looked more impressive up close. Even Nienye and T-38, who also hadn’t had the luxury of being on a Star Destroyer, seemed impressed.

Seeing her gazing at her surroundings in mild appreciation his smile deepened.

“Impressive isn’t it?” he asked as they left the hangar, entering a perfectly polished hallway. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Seven

I Watched Two Vampire Movies This Halloween Week!

So, this past Monday night, something totally random happened. My family and I were sitting watching television trying to find something to watch when the clock struck 8:00pm (because we didn’t particularly want to watch Monday Night Football this week) and wound up on BBC America which was airing Bram Stoker’s Dracula. My father has two vampire movies he always mentions: Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Interview With the Vampire, so when he saw it was on he said we should check it out. And we did. In fact, we ended up watching the whole thing!

Was Bram Stoker’s Dracula the best movie I’ve ever seen? No…but it was pretty fascinating.

This is the original story of Dracula, the story that inspired so many writers following Bram Stoker’s genius tale that now there have been a gazillion different versions of the story. I think what I loved about this version was how dark/romantic it was. There was a true sense of rawness that Francis Ford Coppola was able to convey in just how awful it would be to have Dracula wanting to make you one of his latest victims.

Plus, I never knew that Dracula could transform into so many different things; a bat creature, a werewolf, an old creepy man, a young dapper fellow, green mist, I mean, Dracula’s no joke!

His vampire ladies were also creepy as crap…and so was he, for that matter.

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