Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 9’

The end of the latest episode of The Mandalorian was a doozy. I mean, wow!!!!!


Boba Fett is back, just not in the way we expected. We all assumed that Fett would return clad in his green armor, potentially sporting a long cape like the mysterious individual seen at the end of Chapter Five: The Gunslinger. Nope.

His armor was worn by newcomer Cobb Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant. Vanth was a marshal of a small town called Mos Pelgo who obtained the armor from the Jawas and used it to help defend his town from various invaders.

It was a rewarding twist that brought a smile to my face as we got to see the armor in a new light. Plus, the detail accentuated to its even more ragged look was outstanding.

So yeah, Boba’s no longer a Mandalorian armor-wearing fella as we expected. He’s a man of the dunes; sporting new weapons, a cloak, and looking so AWESOME!

I can’t believe it. The thought that we’ll see him in the next episode is just…oh, what’s going to happen. Will he join Mando in his quest? Will he fight Mando? What will he think of The Child? We know he’s familiar with the ways of the Jedi but of course, he doesn’t like the Jedi because it just so happened that a Jedi killed his father. So how will he react to Baby Yoda? We’re five days away from these questions being answered and woo, I’m ready!

What burning questions do you have of the next episode?

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

One thought on “Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 9’”

  1. I was actually motivated to post deeper on this before you did. I’ve caught the bug now. 🙃

    I think there is a small chance this might actually be Captain Rex, since we know that Ahsoka is most likely appearing later in the season. We don’t necessarily know much more than that this is Morrison almost certainly playing *a* clone of Jango Fett, but we don’t necessarily know *which* clone. It’d be an amusing red herring if it were.

    But that said, yeah, it’s probably Boba. The fact that they hinted in S1E5 that he might be alive strikes me as making it a lot more likely that it is. I think there’s a strong chance that this won’t go entirely well, because yeah… Boba’s not likely to like Baby Yoda. Mando himself didn’t like droids because of his childhood experience; Boba’s not likely to think much better of anything that resembles a Jedi.

    Now, maybe he’ll realize the Child has nothing to do with the actual Jedi order other than being the same species as two members of the Jedi Council, neither of which showed up in the arena on Geonosis where Jango was killed. (The actual Yoda fought Dooku later in the battle, but there’s no reason to believe either the elder or younger Fett was ever aware that he was there or what he looked like.)

    That said… it’s an avenue for some drama, and this show never shies away from people showing their prejudices, grudges, and preconceived notions, right down to the title character.

    Neat post. Hope you read and like mine.

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