QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Two

The Calm Before the Storm

Qi’ra knew it was going to be a busy day tomorrow so she was making sure to soak up this beautiful evening.

As she stood on the balcony of her quarters–which were perched on the highest floor of a stunning building made of glass and smoothened blue minerals–dressed in her black nightgown that was being tossed in the wind along with her dark hair, there was a sense of peace that had fallen over her. This hint of tranquility she was receiving as she gazed at the glowing full moon and the lanes of traffic that were constantly moving on by was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Once again, she found herself thinking of Han. Of his reaction if he could’ve seen this place. Of the smile he would’ve had as they held each other on this balcony, oblivious to the eyes that might be seeing them. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Two

Is Cobb Vanth the New Kuill?

There’s a lot to talk about with the latest episode of The Mandalorian but the internet is buzzing about the series’ latest addition, a character named Cobb Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant.

Last time Mando was on Tatooine he had the aid of a certain character named Toro Callican who was pretty much deemed a “punchable” face in the series. He instantly became a hated character in Star Wars and for good reason; he wasn’t quite that likable and he threatened to harm Baby Yoda. That’ll set anyone’s teeth on edge.

This time around Mando’s Tatooine companion, Cobb Vanth, has left some fans salivating for more time with the Tatooine marshal. His storyline in the chapter was perfect, his brief relationship with Mando was so much fun to watch, and it became very clear that we will see him again. How can you tell? This ninth chapter was basically the exact same as Chapter 2.

(Sand planet, jawas, a run-in with a terrifying creature whose home is in a dark hole in the ground, yeah, it’s practically Chapter 2.)

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Could We Learn the Name of ‘Spider-Man 3’ Next Month?

Spider-Man 3‘s filming is practically under way and Tom Holland and co-star Jacob Batalon have read the script. Now it’s only a matter of time before we learn the name of this movie and it seems that we could potentially get the title reveal along with a sneak peek in December.

Of course, that’s just a speculation. Spider-Man 3 will not be hitting theaters until next December but we will get some details eventually and that’s going to be an exciting day.

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