QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Two

The Calm Before the Storm

Qi’ra knew it was going to be a busy day tomorrow so she was making sure to soak up this beautiful evening.

As she stood on the balcony of her quarters–which were perched on the highest floor of a stunning building made of glass and smoothened blue minerals–dressed in her black nightgown that was being tossed in the wind along with her dark hair, there was a sense of peace that had fallen over her. This hint of tranquility she was receiving as she gazed at the glowing full moon and the lanes of traffic that were constantly moving on by was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Once again, she found herself thinking of Han. Of his reaction if he could’ve seen this place. Of the smile he would’ve had as they held each other on this balcony, oblivious to the eyes that might be seeing them.

Her grip on the rail tightened before she returned, walking off of the balcony and closing the curtains behind her which separated her bedroom from the balcony.

She sighed. Why did Han always have to pervade her thoughts? Could a day go by where she didn’t think of him while looking at the sky?

Being alone, she sank to the floor in the middle of her vast suite and began to cry. These were tears that she was rarely afforded, for she always had to maintain a stern demeanor as leader of Crimson Dawn, otherwise her fellow competitors would walk all over her, or at least think they could.

The tears weren’t really brought about by Han, even though he helped them spring to life, but rather the choices she had made to live the life she had. Yes, she was living better than she ever had as a Corellian scumrat but she was still stuck in the criminal underworld, forced to do terrible things to make it day by day. Now she was having to kiss the butts of terrible people in the galaxy for what? No reason other than to gain power like the millions of others who chose the easy path as she did.

She admired the rebels and what they were fighting for. At least their every waking day didn’t involve bringing terror to innocent, good-hearted people. Qi’ra sighed, wiping her eyes and picking herself off of the ground as she headed to the other room where her bed awaited her.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, stopping her in her tracks. She quickly leaped over to the far side of the room, grabbing her blaster, before tiptoeing toward the door as she unlocked the safety feature on her weapon.

Leaning against the door she said sternly, “Who is it?”

“T-38,” T-38 replied quickly.

Qi’ra sighed with relief before opening the door where T-38 was indeed standing. She moved past Qi’ra, taking off her cape and throwing it onto a nearby chair before sighing and plopping down into another chair. Qi’ra gazed at her with a confused smile as she closed the door to her room, her grip on her blaster loosening.

“Don’t you have your own room?” Qi’ra asked.

T-38 looked at her. “Yes, I do. But this is a dangerous city, Qi’ra. Lots of things happen to people of power here. There was no way I wasn’t going to stay in your room to make sure you stay safe during the night.”

Qi’ra’s smile widened. “I don’t deserve you, T-38.”

T-38’s stern expression softened. “Go on to bed now. I see you’re already heading in that direction. And don’t fret, I’ll have plenty of rest.”

Qi’ra felt more relaxed already. She placed her blaster back where she had gotten it from, walked over to T-38, kissed her on the top of the head in a profound gesture of thanks, before heading to bed where she laid down and fell into a deep sleep.

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