QI’RA: Chapter Thirty-Three

Shady Dealings

A cloaked individual stands in a dark alley in Coruscant. In the darkness, another man appears dressed in a crimson hooded cloak followed by seven black robots with red pinpoints of light for eyes and grates for mouths filled with neon red light.

“Where is she?” the man in the crimson cloak asks.

“Not yet. I’ll tell you when it’s time,” the cloaked person says.

The crimson-cloaked man steps closer to the person in the alley, his hand menacingly reaching toward his blaster.

“I don’t run on your clock,” he says menacingly.

The person places a small bag of credits into the man’s hand. “Wait for my signal. It will be soon.”

As the person turns to leave the alley the crimson-cloaked man grabs their arm.

“Don’t double cross me. I don’t like being duped.”

The person snatches their arm away. “Just wait for my signal.”

With that the crimson-cloaked man and the cloaked individual part ways in the darkness of the night, their shady dealings complete.

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