‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 10’ Is AMAZING!

The Mandalorian just can’t seem to stop! This latest chapter, Chapter 10: The Passenger, is storytelling at its finest. No, it doesn’t focus on anything super important but it’s this film’s isolated story that makes it so special. My favorite episode from the last season was Chapter 2: The Child because it was fun, exciting, and we had plenty of Baby Yoda. This chapter does the same thing.

It honestly never lets up. No, the story does not veer into the ultimate plot of this season–find Mandalorians to discover The Child’s origins–but instead chooses to take a different path, featuring a nail-biting adventure that had me loosing my mind with happiness.

The relationship between Mando and The Child is only heightened in its uber-cuteness. And we get a couple of new alien species that were just delightful. Oh, and we got a callback to Star Wars: Rebels in a truly frightening way that was utterly brilliant and perfect for the episode.

Oh my goodness, this is my favorite episode yet!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

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