Could Jannah and Her Fellow Stormtroopers Have the Force?

A few years ago we were introduced to a character unlike any other in the Star Wars movies, a stormtrooper who became a rebel. Not only was he different than most characters in the franchise but he would wield a lightsaber into battle and have some serious Force-sensitive tendencies.

Since 2016 after having watched The Force Awakens quite a few times I began to wonder, is Finn Force-sensitive? Sure enough, it was confirmed to be the case in The Rise of Skywalker. Now I’m beginning to ask another question; are Jannah and her fellow rebellious stormtroopers also one with the Force?

You see, there’s a moment in The Rise of Skywalker that could potentially hint at this possibility. It’s when Jannah tells Finn about being a former trooper for the First Order. They speak to one another about the moment they dropped their weapons and wouldn’t kill innocents.

Finn attributes the miracle stroke of conscience to the Force and Jannah feels as if the same thing happened to her yet she doesn’t believe the Force is truly real. Of course, Finn knows otherwise and tells her bluntly that at one time he, like her, didn’t believe but he does now.

A new story has begun for these heroes. Yes, Palpatine has been obliterated and the First Order is seemingly no more but the stories of Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, and Jannah are just beginning. What if Jannah and her fellow troopers are future Jedi in the making whose affinity to the Force was only awakened in their older age?

We could very well see a future Star Wars story featuring Rey as the Jedi Master of a new Jedi Council with Finn as a fellow Jedi Knight and Jannah as a padawan. Just think about the possibilities!

Oh, the thought is exciting and I can only hope that Disney is thinking on the same page.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

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