QI’RA: Chapter Forty-One

Qi’ra knew Nienye was behind the ambush. Why he turned on her, she couldn’t understand. She had never treated him poorly and they seemed to have a close relationship. And yet, he had betrayed her and T-38 was dead because of his traitorous actions.

The tears she shed had reached its end. Now she was filled with an anger that burned like a coal inside her stomach.

Nienye thought he was smart. That his betrayal would go undetected and that he could be the one to brag that he had gotten her killed! Well, she was far smarter than he would ever be.

She had taken T-38’s misgivings about him to heart and that is why she had secretly placed a tracker in the brand on the inside of his wrist. It was a clever trick that she had actually learned from Dryden Vos who had done the same thing to her, just in case she wanted to get clever and run from Crimson Dawn. She had thought it was a cruel practice. Now she was thrilled to have taken such liberties with her traitorous top lieutenant.

She had taken off her dress and removed her bun, choosing to wear a more practical black suit with a dark-hooded cloak. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and her sword was in hand.

Wearing a dark expression, she looked at the device in her hand and saw him as a pinging dot slowly moving quite a distance away. She turned as if to walk out of the room but not before taking one last glance at T-38, still lying on the ground but hidden beneath a white sheet that she had placed over her.

With her stomach twisting in painful knots she turned with only one purpose in mind; finding Nienye.


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