QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Two


Nienye was sitting in a nightclub, the neon lights, loud music, rowdy inhabitants, and clouds of smoke assaulting his senses. This was where Ruthless Kruul had said he’d meet him.

He had gotten to the establishment nearly thirty minutes ago and Kruul was nowhere to be found. He had hired the bounty hunter upon their arrival on Coruscant because Kruul was supposed to be an efficient killer who got his job done quickly. But Qi’ra was a formidable warrior. One of the best he had ever seen. What if Kruul wasn’t able to defeat her? The thought was terrifying, to say the least, for Qi’ra wasn’t one you wanted to have on your bad side. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Two

Two More Alfred Hitchcock Movies, Two Similarly Shocked Opinions

I love Alfred Hitchcock movies! They are so riveting, surprising, different, rewarding, and the two newest Hitchcock films I watched yesterday blew my mind!

A Shadow of a Doubt

First, my sister and I watched A Shadow of a Doubt which was Hitchcock’s personal favorite film in his repertoire and I don’t blame him. This movie was outstanding, from beginning to end, with a plot that built upon its level of suspense, creating more and more layers of shockingly brilliant movie making.

The film’s primary antagonist was the creepiest villain I’ve seen in Hitchcock’s movies besides Bates in Psycho. However, Teresa Wright’s Charlie is undoubtedly my favorite female character of the Hitchcock movies and maybe is one of my favorite movie heroines of all time.

I found myself cheering for her and scared for her and I just loved her. With so many damsels in distress in these films, it was nice to see her take charge in this movie.

This was undoubtedly one of the best Hitchcock movies I’ve seen and I’m so glad I watched it.

5/5 stars

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‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 11’: An Absolute Brain-Buster

Each season of The Mandalorian has those few episodes that leave me stunned after its conclusion. This week was one of those weeks. This review isn’t going to be elaborate because honestly, I’m still recuperating from the awesomeness that I just witnessed. I will say this though.

The episode is undoubtedly one of the best to date. It was utter perfection with some literally tear-inducing surprises. Next week’s episode could be quite the doozy. Mando is fantastic. A recurring question that I had about Mando’s helmet-wearing rule has finally been answered in full. And yeah, the Frog aliens are some of my favorite in all of Star Wars.

This is the freaking WAY!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.