QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Three

Qi’ra vs. Nienye

Qi’ra never imagined that when she discovered Nienye on Tamoran over a year ago, admiring his skills as he fought ten opponents to stay alive, that she was looking at her greatest opponent. And greatest he was.

Nienye was a skilled spearsman and his weapon’s length was keeping her at bay. Every time she tried to move past his defenses he performed a maneuver with his spear that forced her to back away. Spectators had moved away to prevent from being struck in the fight but they were sticking around to watch the duel, oohing and aahing like individuals at a sporting event as Nienye and Qi’ra added to the nighttime entertainment.

Qi’ra launched herself onto a table to evade Nienye’s attack as he swiped at her. She now had the high ground and she was going to use it. As he jabbed at her feet she stepped on the spear, using it as a springboard to launch herself over and behind Nienye. The trick almost prevailed but Nienye was too skilled of an opponent as he twisted away from her lethal strike.

He swiped at her head but she was already running forward, sliding as the spear passed overhead just inches from where her face had just been. He jabbed down at her and their weapons clashed. This proved to not be a good idea as a lance of electricity coursed through the length of their spear shocking Qi’ra on contact. She grunted in pain at the electric shock, unlocking their blades. As Nienye jabbed down at her she just managed to roll out of the way, rising into a stand. He quickly took the offensive, twirling and smashing his spear into her defense and knocking her back.

Qi’ra took a deep breath, twirling the sword which hummed like a lightsaber due to the red lasers that bordered the blade as she realized what she had to do to defeat him. As Nienye charged her she stood still awaiting his attack. He jabbed at her midsection and she stepped to the side but not enough as the blade ripped through her tunic and sliced her stomach. She absorbed the attack with gritted teeth, grabbed the end of the spear near his hands, and smashed the butt of her sword into his nose.

He cried out, falling back. As he pulled his hand away from his face she could see the blood smeared onto his lips and nose. With a vengeful cry, he charged again, twirling his spear which created an electric current and thrusting the blade into the ground. She jumped over the wave of electricity that coursed toward her but the spectators behind her weren’t as lucky as they were shocked.

She then charged forward, ignoring the searing pain from her abdomen from where he had cut her and as he swiped downward at her she absorbed the blow. Their weapons clashed and as he pushed against her she gritted her teeth in response.

She saw Nienye’s bloodied face, the fierceness in his eyes mirroring hers. Like her, he was a survivor. But what she had that he didn’t have was a deeper well of anger as T-38’s dead expression filled her mind.

With a cry filled with years of sorrow and anger, she pushed back against him, moving past his defensive and kneed him hard in his privates. The crowd reacted to the attack. He groaned, dropping to the ground as he found himself unable to function.

She ripped the spear out of his hand, standing over him defiantly as she looked down upon him.

Looking up at her with a pained expression he asked, “Why don’t you just kill me?”

Her response was a kick to his face, knocking him unconscious.

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