QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Seven

A Tremor in the Force

Maul was standing on the edge of a cliff. His form was hunched as his leg bled profusely. In his right hand, he clutched his double-bladed lightsaber tightly, awaiting his opponent’s next attack. His breaths were ragged as he saw her approaching; a woman cloaked in darkness with a strange sword in her hand coated with his own blood.

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I’m Recasting The Alfred Hitchcock Movies: Part 1

If you’ve been reading my blog you may know that I am an Alfred Hitchcock fan. His movies are top-notch, his directorial vision is stellar, and he’s simply an inspiration. Being the Alfred Hitchcock fan that I am I decided to do something really fun; recast his most iconic films with current Hollywood stars that would be great fits for these movies. So, with no further delay, let’s begin with North by Northwest.

In this action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns you had leading man Cary Grant and his beautiful spy love-interest, Eva Marie Saint. Together, they carried this riveting story that doesn’t let up until the film’s abrupt conclusion.

So, who could play the confused-but-quick-witted businessman, Roger Thornhill and the beautiful-yet-cunning CIA agent, Eve Kendall?

Bingo, Idris Elba! I can just see him as the New York businessman-turned-hunted-CIA-decoy Roger Thornhill. He has the charm, he has that same Hollywood leading man quality as Cary Grant, and he’s someone easy to root for.

Now, there’s so many women I can imagine playing Eve Kendall but my immediate choice was…

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Coming to HBO Max!

As we all know, it’s been a hot mess for cinema this year! Movies haven’t been able to enter theaters and the ones that have haven’t done well. Just think about TENET, a film that was on many peoples’ highly-anticipated lists this year and even that movie was only able to make just north of $350 million and only $55 million domestically. That’s not nearly good enough to enthuse production companies to let their films enter theaters this year, hence all of the delays, but we’ve gotten ourselves a Christmas miracle.

It seems that Warner Bros. has come to an agreement; Wonder Woman 1984 will play in theaters but it will also stream on HBO Max for no additional cost to subscribers on Christmas Day. I know what the heck I’m doing then!

I’m sitting at home with a cup of hot cocoa on a beautiful, crisp Christmas morning and turning on Wonder Woman 1984 to start the day. Woo! Thank you, Warner Bros.

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