QI’RA: Chapter Fifty

Qi’ra’s Return

Captain Peer was in a meeting with Moff Arnim, several other senators surrounding them as they prepared to move ahead with claiming the Noad System. When the moff asked him where Qi’ra was he told her of the dark times that had befallen the Crimson Dawn leader and her sudden need to depart the planet. That had been two days ago.

She had told him she would return but Captain Peer wasn’t sure how much he could trust her word. It’s why they had continued the meeting without her in case she would, in fact, never return.

That’s why everyone in the room became startled as the doors opened revealing Qi’ra. She was expectedly resplendent in a stunning high-collared black dress that flowed around her with golden swirls bedazzling the dress’s corseted bodice. Her dark hair was tied behind her in a braided bun and her eyelids sparkled with golden glitter.

He walked forward, a smile on his face. “So you did come return.”

She smiled back. “Of course I did.”

She walked past him, stopping before the table that glowed with the blue hologram of a map and looking at every face at the meeting before finally locking gazes with the Moff.

“Let’s get to work.”

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