Fan Art Wednesday

It’s another week of beautiful art but this week I wanted to change the pace a little and share both original and fan art. Enjoy!

In the top left piece we’ve got a sketch of Mando wielding his new Beskar staff. I already know Favreau and Filoni are giving him this weapon as a setup for his imminent duel against Moff Gideon later this season. That’s a confrontation that I am so freaking excited to see, if that does in fact happen.

The next piece is also inspired by the latest episode of The Mandalorian but what I love about it is how it not only highlights Ahsoka Tano, the bad*** that she is, but this newcomer, Morgan Elsbeth who simply oozes coolness.

And last but not least, this stunning and very lovely picture of Jyn and Cassian. There are so many romantic pieces drawn for the likes of Rey and Kylo Ren (geez, it’s overwhelming…and not in a good way) but I think people are sleeping on one of the best romances in the franchise: Jyn and Cassian. There’s nothing complicated or nonsensical and even though they’re only given one movie to build a foundation on their relationship I love their story more than every other couple in Star Wars (besides Kanan and Hera of course.) Hence, I love this piece! They, as well as this movie, deserve more love from the fan art community!

Now, on to the original art.

This next piece is simply stunning! Titled Night Pool, it features a young woman and a visual short story of her time at a glowing blue pool. This just might be one of my favorite pieces of art ever created by Uzuri Art. It’s just…breathtaking.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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