‘Godmothered’: Cute But Unwatchable

I like to watch the new original movies on Disney+, especially after Clouds turned out to be really well-written and emotionally sound, but Godmothered was a good idea that ultimately became a pain to watch.

The premise is cute; a novice fairy godmother tries to save all of her fellow fairy godmothers’ jobs by going to give an American girl a happily ever after level relationship. However, the movie is corny to the nth degree.

I gave it a chance but after a while it was just too ridiculous to enjoy. The movie was so cliche I could spy the ending from a mile away and therefore I decided to put myself out of my misery and stop watching it.

The movie’s lead Jillian Bell tried very hard to be lovable and engaging as the naive fairy godmother who calls the Boston Bruins the Boston Brains and thinks because some guy’s name is Hugh Prince he’s an actual prince but after a while the schtick was just too much to handle anymore.

Godmothered is cute but it’s pretty awful too…unfortunately.

I’m giving this movie 25 out of 100 and 2 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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