My Review of ‘Force Collector’

I’ve finally read another Star Wars novel and this novel just so happened to be Force Collector; one of those stories that was leading up to The Rise of Skywalker.

Written by Emmy-winning author, Kevin Shinick, Force Collector follows the story of 17-year-old Karr Nug Sin and his burgeoning power with the Force as he finds out when he touches stuff he acquires visions that make him pass out. He wants to figure out if he has the chance to become a Jedi and he wants to learn the story of the Jedi that has been hidden away through the decades.

What transpires is a coming-of-age story that is both intriguing and sometimes boring but ultimately led to a satisfying conclusion that had me positively happy. Force Collector is not the best Star Wars novel I’ve read and honestly, halfway through, I was ready to give it a B.

But then it finally got somewhere and I have to admit, I really liked the second half of the story. So now, I have to give the novel a solid A-.

Force Collector isn’t a must-read and ultimately, it doesn’t feel that important in the grand scheme of things but yeah, it was pretty good and now if this character ever shows up in future shows, animated or live-action, I know who he is!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.