Thank You, Pedro Pascal

I don’t think in the four years I’ve had this blog I’ve written a post specifically thanking an actor for their performance in a show or television series but it’s happening today: I’m thanking Pedro Pascal for his performance in The Mandalorian.

Last year around this time of the year my love for Star Wars had mostly dimmed to nothingness. If not for The Mandalorian and his exciting adventures with The Child, I would’ve been even more depressed. Despite loving the series and being excited for this show’s second season I didn’t dare get too exhilarated for what the second season could off.

The Sequel Trilogy ultimately broke my belief that Star Wars could be great anymore. I felt like the Hollywood goliaths holding the franchise in their hands didn’t understand Star Wars and that they had turned it into a mockery of what it once was. The Rise of Skywalker was an absolute travesty! Yes, there were lightsaber duels and X-wings, beloved characters and brand-new characters that seemed pretty likable, but the overall experience left me hollow as the story made no sense and only seemed to make the franchise as a whole feel like it wasn’t worth watching anymore.

Now, after eight non-stop incredible episodes of The Mandalorian, concluding with an episode that still has me floored, I’m in love with this franchise again. And at the helm of this remarkable series is Pedro Pascal.

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