I’m Watching ‘The Clone Wars’ Over Again

The Mandalorian may be over but my Star Wars adventure is far from complete. After the exciting inclusions to the series that featured direct nods to the cartoons which I have been faithfully watching over the years, I decided, once Season 2 had ended, to watch The Clone Wars over again and then Star Wars: Rebels.

I’m so excited to be nearly through the first season already. Seeing “Snips” at the time be so reckless (like her master, honestly) and unsure of herself is kind of wowing. She has grown so much over the years and when I think of her inclusion in The Mandalorian it’s just stunning to think how much she has matured and become a different person.

Plus, I just really love the banter between Anakin and Obi-Wan in this show. It’s really fun (and funny.) As I finish each season, I’ll update you and share my thoughts.

Until then, I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

14 thoughts on “I’m Watching ‘The Clone Wars’ Over Again”

  1. I am LOVING Disney+!! I am watching so many old shows. But most importantly, I have watched Rebels and am now watching Clone Wars and I SOOO need someone with whom to discuss it (my Star Wars buddies here have not yet – WTF?) I’m on Season 7 now. Almost done. I’m going to do my own blog about this at some point. I’m really enjoying it. I do think some of the storylines have not been so great, but all in all good. I keep wanting to see more Anakin/Darth, but I sort of know we won’t as it’s too soon — but who knows? I like the glimpses we have gotten. I did watch Rebels first. I think I liked that a bit more. I am going to go back and watch that again, because I want to see Osaka’s and the Clone’s first appearances.

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    1. Yes, the Clone Wars is a lot longer and has a lot more storylines but in all, the relationships built between Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan as they each experience different things makes the show as a whole very, very worth watching. But personally, Rebels is my favorite of the two shows just because of the Star Wars family vibes.

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      1. I don’t mind more storylines, I just some of them were unnecessary – the underwater stuff, the storyline with the droids recovering the disc, even the one with the young jedis. That was fun, and different side of stuff going on, but not the most important.

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      2. I’m going to ask a question and try not to give spoilers- 1) I guess this series sort of runs into revenge of the Sith? 2)we all love Oshaka – but is she really a Jedi?

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      3. 1) Yes, the Clone Wars runs from some time after Attack of the Clones until right into Revenge of the Sith in the final episode. (And just maybe a few years into the Imperial Era.) 2) No, Ahsoka left the Jedi order and never truly looked back. She saw her own star chamber trial, correctly, as a sign of how rigid and political the order had become, and even when they offered to take her back, she did not accept. There are points in Rebels, which I will not spoil, where she overtly affirms that she is not a Jedi.

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      4. I watched Rebels first actually. I think I liked it more than Clone Wars. I want to go back and see her first appearance and try to get all of that. Because I guess I thought she was a true Jedi, especially with all of the pub she has gotten lately.

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