Today Is a Sad Day

Yesterday, five days after the New Year, I saw something I thought I would never see in my lifetime; the Capitol building set in the heart of our nation’s capital under siege. My eyes were wide and my mouth hung agape as Trump supporters toting flags of all varieties–the most startling, Confederate flags–tore into the building, hurting police officers and vandalizing a place that has stood since September 18, 1793.

I know D.C. I’ve driven down those streets with my family dozens of times during highly-anticipated family vacations, gazing out of my window at the beauty of the capital, staring in awe at the very building that was assaulted yesterday.

Sitting here writing this post, I am in shock and more than a little worried about what could transpire in the next few days.

The racist mob of treasonous men and women who were a part of this attack are still lingering in D.C and now Biden has been certified to be the next president officially for the last time. What happens today? Will these #StopTheSteal hooligans return to the Capitol but this time with guns? They seemed to elude to that idea yesterday. And what will be waiting for them this time? A few unprepared police officers with pistols who could potentially be killed by these unruly ruffians?

What’s going to happen?! When is law and order going to once again be restored? Will Trump finally be removed from office for inciting a treasonous act? Or will we let his actions and the actions of the empowered insurgents slide yet again?

Today is a sad day for America and what’s saddest still…the future seems very dark indeed.

I will not be sharing any entertainment posts today because of what has happened but I hope tomorrow will be a better day.