‘WandaVision’: My Analysis of ‘Now in Color’

WandaVision is three episodes in and yeah, it’s just as spectacularly weird and entertaining as I imagined it would be. The last two episodes gradually revealed to us that everything in Westview is not as it seems but this third episode has finally pushed us a little over the edge into the true, and maybe even sinister, nature of this series.

The first thing I would like to point out in this episode is Vision.


In the last two episodes we see the characters surrounding Wanda acting normal…mostly. Of course, there was that incident at the dinner that was super creepy and then Wanda’s confrontation with the mean housewife in the second episode transpired but ultimately Vision has been very complacent to everything.

This is the first episode where we see Vision begin to truly realize that something is very wrong. How can this be?

My theory at the beginning of the series was that Westview and all of its inhabitants were figments of Wanda’s imagination created by her. Now, I’m not quite sure that is the case. It almost seems like Wanda Maximoff has holed herself up in a quaint village called Westview, created her own reality encompassing the village and its inhabitants, and has these people as hostages in her little game. And yet, does that mean Vision is actually alive? If Vision was a projection of her own making wouldn’t he be following along with all of the shenanigans without questioning her? Or has he somehow been brought back to life?

That ultimately seems impossible considering that the Mind Stone is gone and was a vital source to his life line. And yet, he seems to have a mind of his own…somehow….

And then there’s “Geraldine”, a brand new citizen of Westview who gets caught by Wanda as a fraud and ejected from Wanda’s reality the hard way. Apparently, thanks to her necklace that she didn’t think to hide, we know she’s an agent of S.W.O.R.D, the agency that appears to be watching Wanda, for whatever reason that may be.

If you’re wondering what S.W.O.R.D is like I am here’s a bit of an idea.

Like the Deputy Task Force, or maybe an offshoot, S.W.O.R.D watches enhanced people and if necessary they will respond. “Geraldine” is an agent of S.W.O.R.D which means there’s a chance that this agency isn’t evil like HYDRA. At least, that’s what we’ve been made to think.

So that leads me to Wanda.

These five images are the gradual breakdown of Wanda’s invisible barrier. In the first two pictures, we see Wanda with this huge grin on her face. But it isn’t a natural grin. It’s clearly forced, almost cynical looking as she pretends that everything is absolutely perfect.

The third picture features the moment when Wanda begins to remember the truth after FINALLY mentioning her brother, Pietro. As she allows herself a moment to reflect “Geraldine” breaks through the invisible fog of lies and mentions Pietro’s death at the hands of Ultron. Suddenly, Wanda snaps.

She turns on “Geraldine”, revealing her true darkness and once again reinforcing my theory that by the end of this show, she will be a villain of the MCU.

And then we have the final picture, the picture that gives the first three episodes meaning. Wanda looks down at her newborn twin sons as Vision comes in. Vision has experienced yet another very strange occurrence with the neighbors so he is freaked out. And then Geraldine is nowhere to be seen but Wanda seems calm and collected. For Vision, he begins to understand that something disturbing is happening and it most likely includes his wife. For Wanda, she is complacent in the lie that she has created.

The end of Now in Color is definitely the end of a three-act story. This first act has introduced us to the players of this tale, we now know that everything is not as it seems, we know that Wanda is manipulating the world around her to be the reality she wants, and we know that Vision is starting to feel a bit creeped out.

What will the next act entail? Could Wanda and Vision’s secret be discovered by the end of the second act? And what surprises lie in store for the third act? Paul Bettany has already mentioned that there will be three big battles in the final three episodes which sounds not only spectacular but contains a lot of mystery as well.

The trailers and tv spots seem to have shown quite a bit but it is very clear that we haven’t seen anything yet and that alone is an exciting thought.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

3 thoughts on “‘WandaVision’: My Analysis of ‘Now in Color’”

  1. Well, part of this goes into what’s up with the obvious perimeter we’re seeing after “Geraldine” gets vetoed off the island. Whatever is going on in the inside, it clearly doesn’t look right to the outside, and is actually seeming a bit like a serious hazard situation. SWORD looks like they’re flat out quarantining the area off and making sure no one but their own people are setting foot in there.

    I’m wondering what’s up with the Mind Stone myself. We do see the thing visibly glow at different points when Vision changes his appearance. I have a vague theory that she’s managed to find it, but her use of it hasn’t been perfect. Maybe that’s actually part of the root of all this: she’s using the Mind Stone to reconstruct Vision, and the rest of these folks are just the leftovers after that. Maybe she’s used the Stone to compel them to play along. Maybe they never really existed to start with and they’re all lesser constructs.

    Either way, I think “villain” seems a bit extreme as yet. I think she’s just mentally broken, to a point that her powers are now dangerous to those around her when her grip on reality has been broken by the grief of losing Pietro and Vision when she (quixotically) has the reality manipulation power to attempt to fix it. But we’ll see.

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    1. Yeah…villain does feel a bit harsh because she’s not a bad person but I feel that by the end of this thing she may turn on the people who she once called friends. Like in the comics, when she (SPOILER ALERT) went plum off and I think she actually killed Hawkeye, which of course isn’t going to happen (thank goodness) because he’s having his own series but you get my point.

      The Avengers better beware an unhinged Scarlet Witch because she’s coming and I can’t wait!

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      1. Yeah, it’s my understanding from a Facebook friend that there’s a comic series out there somewhere that this is fairly faithful to so far. It’s not a big surprise to me, because, well, duh, comic book show. But I’m attempting on some level to avoid self spoiling, as I usually do. I *do* think that the beginning of the series, you kind of need to know going in that something is wrong, because it comes off a little farcical if you don’t know that. They do eventually tip you off anyway, but it takes most of the first and maybe even somewhat into the second episode before it’s made completely clear. The beekeeper rewind is the first moment where it’s made crystal clear that Wanda herself is probably the problem, if not actually the villain. That said, I intend to avoid finding out for sure even which comic series it’s based on so that I can theorize as I go, unless the series just flat out starts to disappoint me enough that I feel like I want to reassure myself that this is going somewhere interesting. So far, I haven’t needed to do that. Much.

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