‘WandaVision’: We’re Finally Getting Some Answers!

Okay everybody, it’s week 3, the fourth episode, and yeah we’re finally getting somewhere but that doesn’t mean the show is suddenly starting to make sense.

We’ve finally been given an explanation about S.W.O.R.D and Monica’s involvement, which was awesome by the way, but the question (“What the heck is happening?”) still hasn’t been fully answered.


We now know that Wanda has seemingly made her own city filled with what I feel are unlucky hostages caught in her weird sitcom reality. We now know officially that Vision is indeed dead and Wanda is making herself believe that he’s alive, well, and that everything is okay.

Next week is going to be the 80s’ era episode, which should feature us moving a bit forward in this story…hopefully. Wanda is starting to slightly lose her cool and needs to keep everything under control but sooner or later everything is going to unravel. I’m guessing that’ll happen in Episodes 7-9.

Elizabeth’s acting has been exceptional so far as we see her showing a new side of Wanda’s mental state with each episode. This episode showed her at her most vulnerable (and scary) yet and I loved it!

It was very nice to see Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo back swapping cheesy jokes and being goofy in all of their intended seriousness. But mainly, I was super surprised and elated to see more story surrounding Maria Rambeau and her mother.

It brought me so much joy and to know that Monica Rambeau founded S.W.O.R.D is just…AMAZING! We also got a nice hint that Maria Rambeau, when she gets her powers, will most likely call herself Photon after her mother’s epic nickname shown in the episode, Monica “Photon” Rambeau.

And, despite learning the true identities of most of Wanda’s “neighbors” we didn’t get an identity reveal for Agnes. What does that mean and is she actually the villain behind Wanda’s sudden loss of her grasp on reality? What if the twist is that she’s actually Mephisto? It would be a nice surprise because most people would be expecting a man to be Mephisto but with the modern times a gender-swap of the role could be epic!

Can’t you imagine the big reveal? Ooh, it would be so exciting. I’m hoping that’s the case. Okay, I’m rambling. All in all, while the fourth episode was basically a recap of the first three episodes I appreciate that we’re now finally starting to get somewhere.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

2 thoughts on “‘WandaVision’: We’re Finally Getting Some Answers!”

  1. Wanted to do my own writeup about this before I commented here, but…. yeah. We’re kinda wrapping up the mystery part of this, and finishing out what this all looks like from the outside. Everything from here is basically, “Ok… what now?”

    And I love it.

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