‘WandaVision’ Was Supposed to Only Be 6 Episodes, Here’s Why

WandaVision is four episodes in and while it definitely appears that we are getting somewhere with this story it seems even more clear that this show’s format is unusual.

I’m okay with thirty-minute episodes of a show but those shows have a common blueprint that feels normal. WandaVision feels like each episode is the half of a whole, hence the most satisfying week of episodes was the first week when we got that two-episode premiere.

Imagine having only the first episode that first week. Fans and casual viewers alike would’ve been seriously disappointed, but with two episodes we got to understand the show’s vibe and were ready for the next week.

Episode 3 was more episodic in tone as it dealt with a single subject, concluded that subject, and left us with a nice cliffhanger BUT Episode 4’s basic rewind of the last three episodes which leads to practically the same conclusion as Episode 3 left me feeling a bit hollow, I’m not going to lie. Then it clicked yesterday. This probably wasn’t how the season was supposed to be.

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