Mighty Thor Should Wear Her Iconic Helmet

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming and while we won’t be getting the movie until next year it’s still fun to think about. One thing I’m really intrigued to see is Jane Foster’s return as Mighty Thor and how she will look in the film. There’s one accessory, however, that I feel is necessary for her character and that is her iconic helmet.

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In the comics, Jane Foster, who has been diagnosed with cancer, comes across the hammer and she becomes Mighty Thor. No one knows that this lady version of Thor is Jane Foster, a fact perpetuated by the helmet that hides her appearance.

I think it will be essential to keep the helmet as a tool of the story as Foster secretly goes on missions as Mighty Thor only to later be revealed to be Jane, hence blowing Thor’s mind in a really funny way and thus impressing Valkyrie.

Now, I know, the MCU isn’t very keen on helmets. Thor wore his iconic helmet for maybe a minute long in one scene in Thor and the only other characters who have helmets are Iron Man, War Machine, and Pepper.

Plus, I just think she would look really cool and fierce wielding the hammer, kicking butt, and wearing this helmet. We’ll see what happens but overall, I’m excited.

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‘Snowpiercer’: One of the Best Sci-Fi Movies I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve often seen this movie, Snowpiercer, as I filed through the movie library on Netflix but I never decided to watch it…until yesterday. The film, written and directed by Bong Joon Ho, the same brilliant man who wrote/directed the historic Oscar-winning movie, Parasite, stars Chris Evans in an intense sci-fi movie unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Snowpiercer, set in the near-future 2031, follows the story of the last dregs of humanity who are forced to live on the most incredible train ever built after the world is completely frozen into ice following the events of global warming. All life on Earth is extinct and life on the train for the poor is savage.

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We enter the movie with the poor citizens of the train preparing to revolt. What transpires over the next hour and fifty minutes is utter plot-twist storytelling that gripped me intently, leaving me in utter silence and in tears.

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