‘Bumblebee’ Is SOOOO Cute!

Four years ago Transformers: The Last Knight came out and despite making $600 million it was very clear, the franchise felt dead. Transformers: Age of Extinction had its narrative problems but it was still quite fun to watch wit its various action scenes that were AWESOME (specifically in IMAX.) The Last Knight had some decent action scenes but even that alone couldn’t save this movie, a film that I have barely managed to see twice all the way through.

The very next year, Bumblebee entered theaters during Christmas and the film ultimately saved the franchise.

Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, could’ve been a disaster! A prequel Transformers movie set in the 80s’? Uh-oh. And yet, screenwriter Christina Hodson delivered a heartfelt origin story of the yellow bug-named Transformer that has warmed my heart all three times that I have seen it.

Swapping grand action scenes for substance, Bumblebee shines in ways that none of the other Transformers movies have because it solved the missing piece that kept those other films from being great; interesting and lovable humans.

I always watched (and enjoyed) the Transformers movies just for the Transformers but for once Bumblebee gave us great characters too. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) is a lovable lead with a heartfelt storyline that expands as the movie progresses. Her connection to the Transformer that she perfectly coins as “Bumblebee” makes sense and is so touching. John Cena plays Agent Burns, a no-nonsense military man who’s quite the pain in the side. And then there’s Memo, the classic nerd who likes the pretty girl (this being Charlie) played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr. His relationship with Charlie is so freaking cute.

In fact, the whole movie is really cute. I love that it doesn’t try to be a teen flick like the other Transformers movies with hot girls and dumb romantic relationships that include unnecessary suck facing. It’s very respectful, very kid-friendly, and yeah, it handles the 80s’ theme very well with a nice collection of good 80s’ songs throughout the movie. And who can hate a movie that references The Breakfast Club so perfectly?

If you’ve never seen Bumblebee but you like the other Transformers movies check it out. No, there aren’t a bunch of huge explosions and fantastic action scenes but it makes up for it with just a lovely story.

(Btw, I’m so glad Hailee Steinfeld is playing Kate Bishop. She’s going to be awesome.)

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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