‘WandaVision’: So Much To Talk About!!!

What can I say about yesterday’s jaw-dropping, groundbreaking episode? Well…it left me in a tizzy. I watched it a record four times yesterday, and that’s mainly to grasp as many details as I could because it was like the episode was shooting a bazooka load of easter eggs at me. So, with no further delay, let me try to calmly and collectively unscramble all these thoughts in my brains and write a cohesive post. Enjoy!


The Babies!

So in Episode 2, we learned that Wanda was suddenly pregnant. She had the children in Episode 3 and this episode is the first time we get to see her actually interact with her children. However, here’s the big shocker. Her children were newborns for less than ten minutes. Next thing we knew they were five and then ten. This completely busted my theory on Mephisto’s potential use of the babies from the comics and now leads me to believe that we may be seeing two new young superheroes in our near future.

Tommy and Billy, a.k.a Speed and Wiccan, are teenage twin brothers who are the children of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. As babies, the chances of Speed and Wiccan becoming actual characters in the MCU seemed far-fetched but now we know we may be one episode from discovering that this could actually be a reality.


The Origins of the Scarlet Witch Begins…Now!


Even though I’ve been calling Wanda the Scarlet Witch for years she’s not technically known as such in the MCU…at least not yet. In a fascinating scene outside of the sitcom reality that is Westview we get to see the S.W.O.R.D agents try to figure out how they’re going to handle what they’re dealing with, a powerful telepathic Avenger out of control! We even get to see Director Hayward ask if Wanda has any other aliases or nicknames? That means that yes, at some point, she will get a nickname. A name that will strike fear in the hearts of all what hears it! (If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll get that MCU quote I just slipped in.)

So exciting!

Vision. Is. ALIVE! And the Mind Stone is back…

Well, the question of whether Vision was alive and under Wanda’s control have been answered and it is fascinating stuff indeed. He is in fact alive but he’s also quite dead, if that makes any sense. He is not under Wanda’s control which only complicates the situation and makes the show that much better. And apparently, not only has he been recreated with the appearance of having the Mind Stone embedded in his head, it seems like he has the power of the Mind Stone too. So…that does that mean that Wanda has single-handedly brought an Infinity Stone back? If so, wow, wow, wow. That complicates things…I think.

Monica Doesn’t Like “Auntie Carol” Anymore


When last we saw Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers they seemed to be best buds in Captain Marvel. Fast forward twenty-eight years and Monica doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with her.

This was one of the best tiny details of the episode because I have been wondering since watching Captain Marvel, was Maria and Monica ever mad that Carol never came back? And when she did after the events of Infinity War did she even go see Maria and try to comfort her after losing Monica? Or did she think being a space marshal was more important? These are very important, character-building details that will most likely play a larger part in Captain Marvel 2 where we will see Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau come face to face.

Is Agnes Evil or Just Another Scared Hostage?

Image result for agnes wandavision

Agnes, Agnes, Agnes. The lady has been suspicious since Episode 1 but this episode made her character extra creepy.

We know that many of the co-stars of Wanda’s era-shifting sitcoms have been identified by S.W.O.R.D’s agents but for two, Agnes and the blond lady, Dottie.

Agnes seems to know exactly what’s going on and doesn’t seem to be as much under Wanda’s control as the other neighbors and yet she still seems to be afraid of Wanda.

I had a theory that she was Mephisto but that seems less and less likely. So…who is she? Another super-powered individual who’s been sucked into this sitcom nightmare? Or is she simply an agent of Ralph’s, a.k.a Mephisto, who’s being used to spy on Wanda until he (or she) is ready to make their move? Ooh, the theories are endless.

Vision Is Angry?

This series has given us plenty of surprises but one thing I didn’t think we’d get to see is Vision and Wanda actually arguing. But of course, they’re arguing because Vision is tired of the lies. He wants to know what’s happening and what Wanda has to do with all of it.

Speaking of Wanda’s role in this creepy hostage situation, don’t let her tears fool you. She is the one behind everything in this show.

She says as much at the end of Episode 4: “Don’t worry. I have everything under control.”

Monica says as much when she says: “It’s Wanda. It’s all…Wanda.”

And in this week’s episode when she threatens the S.W.O.R.D agents and tells them to back off or else she seems very in control and angry that they are tampering with her life.

Now, do I believe that Mephisto is still behind all of this? Yes. Yes, I do. But that doesn’t mean that he’s fully pulling the strings. I think he’s just a suggestive type pushing Wanda’s buttons and she’s doing the rest.


Unfortunately, I knew Evan Peters was going to be in this show since last year. What I didn’t know was that he was actually going to reprise his role as Quicksilver and I am legitimately wowed.

This is an alternate version of Quicksilver and I still don’t quite know how to feel. Is this an American version of Pietro? Is this the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies? And how is he possibly in this reality? Did Wanda summon him or has he been planted by something else (Mephisto!)

So many questions but I know they will be answered in the next four episodes.

And I think that’s where I’ll leave my theorizing for right now. I know I’m missing something but yeah, this episode was fantastic and to think we’ve got four episode left! Geez, louise.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

2 thoughts on “‘WandaVision’: So Much To Talk About!!!”

  1. I threw this up in my own blog, but I had the thought of, what if Agnes is Loki, and this is a prelude to him in his own series? Don’t know. The fact that Agnes seems to be aware of the meta going on here is definitely sus, though.

    I did not miss that, at minimum, Vision seems to be able to mimic the Mind Stone’s power. I do sort of wonder if the Mind Stone is still around this whole mess somewhere, but Vision doesn’t have it and is permitted to borrow its power in limited ways because this would be necessary for him to actually be himself. I don’t know if he’s under her control and has been granted self determination as part of her puppet show or if he’s genuinely alive/undead. I’m still kind of leaning towards some sort of undead, where he has no life independent of the Hex.

    That said, I sort of wonder if she’s an unwitting prisoner as well. There’s no particular reason *she* needs to stay here, if she can animate Vision however she wants. Which makes me suspect she isn’t entirely in control, and everyone saying she is, is a red herring. Agnes being quietly unidentified on SWORD’s white board together with the meta awareness of what’s going on is a little too obvious a hint that something is up with her, though. This show hasn’t been all THAT subtle about their hints and what not, so… we’ll find out.

    That said, the Loki idea seems less likely to me in the long run, because he’s already got the Space Stone as of Endgame, and I would tend to guess they wouldn’t have him holding both the Space AND Mind Stones at the same time. Plus this whole mess doesn’t seem really like his style. That said, Wanda being able to control minds is new… so it doesn’t seem to suggest that something else is up. Just don’t know what.

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