This Latest Episode of ‘WandaVision’ Has Left Me Frustrated

Every week of WandaVision has left me pleased on some level, even the fourth episode which was the last episode to leave me a little underwhelmed, but this was the first episode that has literally left me looking like this emoji:😡.

I’ve loved this show up to this point. The humor was spot-on and left me constantly giggling or laughing. The clues and nods to the truth of the show left me riveted and brewing my own theories about the series. And the endgame of it all felt like we would be getting something truly exciting. Now, I’m not quite sure this show is going to end the way I hope it does: epic!


With a 90s’ Halloween theme, I was expecting an episode that would be a whole heck of a lot of fun and would just make me smile. Instead, I watched 98% of this show with furrowed eyebrows.

This episode doesn’t really feel like it’s moved anything forward, well, except for Wanda’s creepy bubble that changes the reality of everything she touches. That’s a cool trick. But besides that, it just didn’t entice me this week.

Billy and Tommy are annoying…sorry. I like that we’ve now got Speed and Wiccan officially in the MCU but these kids are starting to drive me crazy. I love Pietro and he was one of the few shining lights about the episode but even he got a bit gimmicky after a while. Plus, he’s clearly Mephisto under disguise, right? They’re making it seem so obvious with his shady questions and his sly ways of dodging her are-you-really-my-Pietro-test. And Agnes. Oh god, what’s the deal with Agnes! Is she honestly just a regular hostage who is now trying to escape or is she still Mephisto’s secret agent…or Agatha Harkness from the comics. I’m so confused!

Oh, and now we know how Monica is going to get her powers. The Hex is changing her cells because she passed the boundary twice! When she enters a third time here comes the light show.

The only thing I liked about this episode was Vision. Honestly, seeing him leave the barrier and begin to disintegrate almost made me tear up. I really don’t want to see him die a third time but we’re going to have to watch him die again aren’t we, Marvel Studios? That’s just…not right.

I wish I could say that this episode made me really happy but…it didn’t.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

4 thoughts on “This Latest Episode of ‘WandaVision’ Has Left Me Frustrated”

  1. Yeah. I don’t think Wanda is acting alone any more. I kind of suspected that last week, but it’s starting to look a lot like yeah, something else is going on, and I’m not sure even Wanda knows what it is. I’ll have to think on this before I write my own entry.

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  2. After seeing Wanda walk through the hex and wearing the outfit we have become accustomed to, last week, i immediately knew that if Vision tried to escape, then he would die instantly or die within minutes. i just wasn’t expecting it to happen this week! I, too, didn’t feel that this episode was as good as the others, but i still have high hopes for the remaining episodes. Things will only get weirder!

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  3. Ok, fuller thoughts, although I wrote this.

    I’m seeing signs of overt cruelty at work in this one. Between the way Wanda is getting flash glimpses of her loved ones actually being dead, and the way others are shedding tears or expressing horror at what’s happening to them? I don’t think she’s acting alone, and whoever is, is being as soul-crushingly malevolent about it as possible. If I’m right, that probably narrows down what’s going on a lot, really…

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