‘WandaVision’ Better be Good Tomorrow!

Last Thursday was a long day for me. I was so excited for the newest episode of WandaVision after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger that I was literally losing sleep…and then I watched the sixth episode and was just left feeling like, “Bleh.”

The Halloween episode inspired by the hit 2000’s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle really irked the crap out of me during my first viewing and even though Vision’s side of the story was SUPER INTERESTING there just wasn’t enough to the episode to bite on. It felt like the series was once again playing with my emotions and I was very offended.

So, tomorrow we’re getting the first episode of Act III and I’m honestly hoping this is the moment the series stops playing around trying to be mysterious and finally gets to the nitty-gritty. The nitty-gritty being the moment when everything starts to make sense and that classic Marvel epicness comes to life.

Paul Bettany said that there will be an action scene for each of the last three episodes and honestly, I hope that’s true because I need something to happen in this next episode. Here’s a new clip from tomorrow’s episode.

So, clearly this episode is inspired by Modern Family which could be really fun and funny. The one thing I found myself asking while watching this clip as, “Where’s Vision?” That’s worrying me a bit for sure but yeah… I just hope this episode will be good. But if they’re sharing a clip then that must mean the episode may be underwhelming just like Episode 4 was, which was the last episode that gave us a clip before the episode came out,

Are you excited for the next episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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