‘WandaVision’: An Analysis of ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’

I was honestly worried that the seventh episode of the series was going to leave me underwhelmed and wishing for more but honestly, it was perfect. It offered just enough tantalizing tidbits to leave me satisfied and it left us with a cliffhanger that’s going to be a gas!

(You see what I did there?)

But anyway, I’m here to talk about the episode, its most fascinating moment, and what we could expect with these last two episodes. Enjoy!


Director Hayward and His Imminent Attack on the Hex

At the beginning of the episode we see Director Hayward (the third antagonist in line because I think Agatha and Mephisto are the primary villains) observing the Hex from a nice distance of eight miles. We now know that he was tracking Vision inside of the bubble (I’m calling it the bubble) because he was going to find a way to bring Vision back to life. Now, this seems a bit strange considering that he doesn’t seem to like superheroes…so was he trying to use Vision as like the ultimate S.W.O.R.D agent? You know, rewire him to obey his commands and to not remember anything about his past as an Avenger so he would have no attachment to his friends kind of like Bucky?

That’s my theory.

One thing we do know for certain though is that Hayward wants his weapon back and he’s about to launch a full-scale attack on the town of Westview. We didn’t get to see this attack in this episode but we do know this. It’s happening next week amidst an already-packed lineup of potentially awesome scenarios and I am thrilled.

What’s Happening to Wanda’s Powers?

Image result for wandavision episode 7

In the fifth episode we began to see Wanda lose control of her abilities when she discovered that her birthed twins weren’t responding to her powers. Two episodes later and now she can barely keep the items in her house from changing; the milk, the furniture, it’s all going haywire.

Why is this? Are her powers stretching to their limit because she expanded the bubble? Or, is her power fritzing (that’s what I keep calling the glitches in the series) because of Agatha? Her exhaustion led her to letting Agatha babysitting the boys, hence their sudden disappearance. We’ll see what’s up sooner rather than later.

Speaking of the children, WHERE’S THE KIDS?

I knew that Wanda was going to have babies during the series but I did not think those babies were going to grow up. Now that they have and they’ve acquired powers it seemed like Marvel Studios was setting up two new additions to the expanding Young Avengers squad with the debut of Speed and Wiccan but now it seems that may have been nothing more than a ploy.

Agatha has done something with Wanda’s kids! In the comics, the kids were reabsorbed back into Mephisto to make him ultra-powerful. It’s very likely that this may be the scenario that transpires next week which would not only be devastating but super disturbing.

Let’s Continue Talking About Disturbing

WandaVision is really good at transitioning from light and fun to dark and actually pretty creepy, which was on full display with this episode. Agatha’s home was full of creepy witch-like qualities but what’s most disturbing of all is the fly.

Why was I so freaked out about the fly? Well, I wasn’t that disturbed by the fly other than being like, “That’s weird” the first time I watched the episode. But, as I scrolled down the WandaVision hashtag on Twitter, I read something that widened my eyes.

Mephisto is known to take on the form of a fly. And the extra attention on the bug on the curtain seemed a bit excessive if it was simply nothing more than a bug in the house. So…this episode may have just given us our first look at Mephisto and now I’m scared. This show is getting real creepy, fellas!

Monica’s Powers

I love Captain Marvel! She’s my favorite heroine in the MCU and one of my favorite scenes in the MCU is when she breaks free of the Kree’s control and unleashes her power.

Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) ..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

Ever since I saw it the first time I was like, “Whoa.”


I abso-positively loved the parallels between Captain Marvel and Captain Rambeau as they both acquired their powers. The undeniable strength in them, their unwavering resolve to do what is right, they are both so powerful and to think that we’re going to see them together in Captain Marvel 2 is almost too much awesomeness to consume. I may combust with excitement, for real!

I literally teared up at this part a little yesterday. It’s so beautiful!

And I love that they let us see the world the way she sees it when her powers are activated because that was quite the effect.

I Love Vision!

If you had told me that Vision was going to be the primary source of comic relief in this series I wouldn’t have believed it but Paul Bettany has been absolutely stellar with the comedic aspect of this show.

He’s had the funniest moments in the series and this episode once again reiterated that fact. Gosh I thought he was hilarious.

“We locked eyes. There was an unspoken understanding.” Lol! I’m going to be revisiting that quote a lot.

And Darcy is just perfect for this show. She was the perfect person to tell him about his past without leaving him feeling too traumatized. Lol.

All in all, this episode served a lot of goodies. Next week is going to be insane! I’m not going into the episode expecting a specific something because I thought the aerospace engineer was going to be an awesome reveal and it amounted to zero, zip, zilch. Nada. Niente. But I do know this. I’m excited!

Image result for wandavision episode 7

And even though I was pretty sure that Agnes was Agatha Harkness I didn’t realize that Harkness was evil. From what I thought I learned she was a mentor to Wanda and helped take care of her children. Now that she’s gone full villain and has got Wanda in a trap I’m really worried.

She seems very powerful…and scary. But she’s got a great outfit that I cannot wait to see in full. Ooh, I love her so much!

Wanda really is going to become the Scarlet Witch isn’t she? *squeals in excitement*

What did you pick up while watching this episode and what excited you the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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