I’m Finally Watching ‘Doctor Who’!

I’m a pop culture nerd. I have watched basically everything that has ever been famous in pop culture; from The Fast and the Furious franchise to the Transformers franchise, to nearly every superhero movie that’s ever been made, to even having watched several Star Trek movies and shows and having seen every Star Wars movie and nearly television show.

Pop culture is my thing and it’s fun enjoying so many different stories, worlds, and fandoms. But there was one franchise I had not tackled until yesterday, a franchise that I’ve always heard of but never knew what it was about; the Doctor Who franchise.

Since it’s available on HBO Max my sister and I decided to finally sit down and watch it and I was hooked practically instantly. I’m only four episodes into the first season and I’ve got to say, I’m quite invested.

I love now knowing why the doctor character is called Doctor Who. I love the time travel element (it’s like Quantum Leap on steroids.) And I love that there are aliens. In fact…I love knowing that the doctor is an alien. How cool is that?

All in all, I know I’m way behind and I’ve got twelve LONG seasons to catch up on but I’m determined to one day know the Doctor Who franchise just like I know Marvel and Star Wars. And who knows. I might even become a diehard fan by the end of this thing.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “I’m Finally Watching ‘Doctor Who’!”

  1. I totally get this. Doctor Who is one of those things where there’s obviously enough interesting things there that it’s obviously good, but yet there’s so much that one would need to catch up on, and I’m not always that willing to just buckle down and binge watch something. I haven’t even managed to start on Clone Wars yet, and it took me a bit too long to burn through the last season of Sabrina (and that went badly enough that I’m kind of wondering why Netflix even greenlit that storyline resolution now). Raised By Wolves was a solid… C+, B-? And in the Eccleston/Tennant era I did enjoy catching bits of it when it was on before BSG on the Syfy channel, but there’s soooooooo…. much of it! It’d probably take me literally months to get through it all. Then there’s the question of how much of the material is even available; it’s my understanding that at least some of it was lost due to sheer archives laziness and disinterest on the part of the original broadcasters in the 60s.

    And yet, every now and then I find myself falling down the rabbit hole of reading about all the Doctors and their different personalities and what not. And it’s kind of hard to see what else is really out there that’ll work as a staple of sci-fi for very long.

    All right, you’ve convinced me. If it’s on HBO Max, I should make this service earn my money. I’ll see if I can dig it up and get myself to watch it.

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  2. Dr Who is a fantastic franchise (though as with all good stuff there are a few misfires and mis-steps) and has a bit of everything for everyone. I was a youngling of the late 70’s and early 80’s so I grew up with the fourth and fifth Doctors (Tom Baker and Peter Davison). As I got older and schooling became a thing I lost track of Dr Who for a while as I was too busy studying but now I go back and check stuff out I missed. I even have a few Whovian themed sabers on my site and I designed a hilt for ACE – the seventh Doctor’s apprentice played by Sohie Aldred. In a strange twist of time I got to meet Miss Aldred at a Sci-Fi fest and showed her my design. Funny story: Miss Aldred looked at my mobile phone pictures of her lightsaber and then back at me as if to say “You know I was in Dr Who…not Star Wars right?” but I then explained the design. I had made the saber look like the handle of ACE’s baseball bat she carried and then Sophie understood and I think kinda liked it – well she did pose for a photo with me:

    Anyhow I hope you enjoy your trip through time and space….Anyway I hope you enjoy your trip through time and space and if you want to know more I recommend you check out a YouTuber I know named “Another Sci-Fi Guy”. He has great vids on both Classic and New Who I’m sure you’ll like.


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