‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Is Another Great Disney Movie!

As expected Raya and the Last Dragon is perfect! I’m talking funny, breathtakingly beautiful, simply written and yet so effective. Its main character Raya, voiced by the wonderful Kelly Marie Tran, sets herself on a mission to save the world; a classic tale told by thousands. But what makes this story memorable is the heart behind this Disney wonder.

Cinemark Won't Be Playing Disney's 'Raya And The Last Dragon': Here's Why –  Deadline

I don’t want to say too much because it’ll give the story away but I was overcome by emotion watching this movie which concludes with a message so profound it made me weep.

It’s the perfect movie to see right now and a delightful treat for little ones. The Southeast-Asian representation was awe-inspiring and so magnificent. I’m not even Asian and I was proud! (It’s just so nice seeing Disney depict these vibrant and diverse cultures so respectfully.) And of course, it has plenty of girl power moments.

All in all, if you’re a fan of Disney this is a must-watch.

95 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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‘WandaVision’ Ends With a Bang?

For nearly two months I have been absorbed by a show that has given meaning to two characters who were otherwise not that important; Wanda Maximoff and Vision. We got to see the two in ways we haven’t seen before and have been given a chance to understand them on a basic human level.

Now the finale has arrived and while it wasn’t the conclusion I exactly expected it wasn’t a major disappointment either.

I think my only gripe, as of right now, are two things; it got a bit cheeseballs and it felt like it ended too quickly. The show slowly set up the series and then just…ended. I needed more, I wanted more, but what we got was a less-than-incredible showdown that featured sequences that had me laughing instead of getting covered in goosebumps.

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