‘WandaVision’ Ends With a Bang?

For nearly two months I have been absorbed by a show that has given meaning to two characters who were otherwise not that important; Wanda Maximoff and Vision. We got to see the two in ways we haven’t seen before and have been given a chance to understand them on a basic human level.

Now the finale has arrived and while it wasn’t the conclusion I exactly expected it wasn’t a major disappointment either.

I think my only gripe, as of right now, are two things; it got a bit cheeseballs and it felt like it ended too quickly. The show slowly set up the series and then just…ended. I needed more, I wanted more, but what we got was a less-than-incredible showdown that featured sequences that had me laughing instead of getting covered in goosebumps.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a pleasant day.

4 thoughts on “‘WandaVision’ Ends With a Bang?”

  1. I stayed up last night to watch it and write about it, but was curious when I finally keeled over into pumpkinhood what you’d think. I saw the email about your post and laughed that you left your title off with a question mark. I’m like, “yeah…. she’ll probably be nicer about it than I was, but yeah.”

    This was an ending that just sorta happened. They painted by the numbers on a final superhero fight, and that was about it. It _was_ a bit of a disappointment to me, because it was so original and surreal in some ways, that they hinted at all these different things along the middle of the series. I came in early figuring, “yeah, there’s no big villain making this world, she’s doing this to herself.” Then they kept it going and left what looked like bread crumbs to think it was something else. They even made a song, “It was Agatha all along!” Except it wasn’t. She was coming along making some trouble, but the actual, true origin for how this happened was always Wanda. And when it _was_ just Wanda, that seemed like it made the middle parts a little bit more pointless unless they were just jerking us around. And after one theory after the next that distracted me away from the simple solution (i.e. “Wanda is making this world to deal with her grief”) was shattered for the writers’ own amusement value, I was just kind of left going… ok. They hinted at complex, and went simple. And then once they’d gotten done playing with us, it ended.

    And to me, it’s not even that it ended too quickly. Even the actual fights seemed a bit drawn out, given how simple the end solution really was. Every single outside character was relatively pointless to the end result. They didn’t even bother to tie back in what happened to the guy Woo was originally looking for in witness protection. I mean, presumably the person was in there. Are they okay? Do they have to be moved again, now that Wanda knows where that person is? Who WAS it, even?

    Of course, that character probably didn’t matter on a superhero scale… but then, if you don’t tie that off, then Jimmy Woo’s original reason for coming doesn’t matter, either. And given that Woo had no role in anything other than getting rid of the similarly-pointless SWORD director in the end that kind of made Woo himself pointless, too. Monica just kinda went in and showed colorful eyes, and then left. And maybe fill me in… exactly what authority is it where Woo gets to arrest the Director of SWORD in the end? I mean, yeah, “suspicion of being a jerk@$$” is a thing, but I was under the impression that putting a perimeter on the situation and being as relentless about pressing that mission was… kind of his whole reason to exist? Where exactly did he cross the line into breaking some unspoken law? Yes, he did try to detain an FBI agent, but I would tend to assume that a special agency like SWORD would tend to hold jurisdiction over the FBI when there’s an obvious sentient weapon situation on their hands?

    I don’t know. I think I’ll have to try watching this again at some point. Maybe there’s more in there to it than I saw, or maybe staying up late for it was a bad idea for enjoying it.

    But yeah. I was a little underwhelmed. That’s the TL;DR of the whole thing.

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    1. Trust me. Watching it again is only going to bring out more flaws. They concocted a bunch of questions only to give us no answers whatsoever. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to Agent Franklin! Is he safe? Is he alright?

      They seriously chickened out at the end and just turned it into the “This is how Wanda becomes the Scarlet Witch” show which I’m fine with but yeah…they’ve kind of hurt my feelings. Just a little bit.

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