Why Director Hayward May Be a Bigger Villain Than We Thought

WandaVision is over, yes it is, and it kind of ended on a sour note but that alone isn’t enough to dissuade me from continuing to think about this series that has dominated my excitement for the past two months. In nine days I will be able to move on to a new obsession, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but for now WandaVision is still very much on the brain.

And who do I keep thinking about? Director Hayward. Yeah…that guy.

We Can't Trust WandaVision's Director Hayward

Hayward is about as annoying as they come. His punchable face had people on Twitter mad for weeks and with each passing episode he seemed to get worse and worse ’till by the end, he was trying to shoot Wanda’s (imaginary-made-real) children without even blinking.

His actions, however terrible, seemed justified though. In a conversation with Monica Rambeau in Episode 6, he tells her how hard it was during the five years after Endgame when half of all life had been blipped. His hatred for superheroes had coalesced and hardened him into a no-nonsense type of fellow whose only goal seemed to be wanting to permanently end Wanda.

And yet there’s a moment that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s a small blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of moment but its impact may be felt long after Hayward’s role in this series. And it’s during the eighth episode.

WandaVision's Director Hayward: 7 Big Questions We Have About S.W.O.R.D.'s  Director Before The Finale - CINEMABLEND

In a flashback sequence we see Wanda go to S.W.O.R.D headquarters so that she can retrieve the body of her dead boyfriend, Vision. Hayward doesn’t want to give up his body because he sees Vision as nothing more than three billion dollars worth of vibranium…which is valid.

As Wanda, teary-eyed, looks at Vision’s torn apart remains Hayward says something that has risen my spidey-sense ever since I first heard it. He says, “Not many people can bring their soulmate back online.”

*slam on the brakes*

Now wait a minute. What did he just say?!

“Not many people can bring their soulmate back online.”

Why does this particular quote stand out? Because not one character in the MCU (specifically Wanda) has stated the ability to be able to resurrect fallen friends. Think about it. Hayward doesn’t have Wikipedia to look up Wanda a.k.a the Scarlet Witch which means he doesn’t know about Wanda’s ability to bring people back to life. And she definitely has never displayed that type of power before in the MCU. So why does he say this?

It’s these very words, in fact, that spurred Wanda into actually bringing Vision back to life through her own grief.

But why would he say this? Yeah, we could think that he wanted her to use her power in that moment to somehow inject Vision’s lifeless body with her magic and bring him back “online” but I think there’s something more to this moment.

It’s subtle and it honestly may lead to nothing but hear me out. What if Hayward is actually Mephisto in disguise? I know! “Get over the Mephisto theories! Mephisto is not going to be in the MCU anytime soon!” I hear some of you saying as you read this. And honestly I am over the Mephisto theories but I can’t ignore this moment. This moment that sent Wanda down a spiral that would eventually culminate into her becoming the Scarlet Witch; a being that is destined to DESTROY THE WORLD!

And how does she destroy the world? We don’t know but something is going to send her over the edge.

WandaVision Episode 9: 2 Post-Credits Scenes, Explained | NDTV Gadgets 360

Here, in the final post-credits scene for the series, we see her reading the Darkhold and as she finds herself enthralled in its dark teachings she hears her children calling her for help.

Mephisto is very connected to her children in the comics. In fact, he takes her children, reabsorbs them for their power into his HANDS! and Wanda absolutely goes bonkers, killing Hawkeye in the process. The MCU has already set up the idea of her doing something destructive. She’s returning in the Doctor Strange sequel for some reason…maybe as a hero or a villain. Or maybe as a hero who turns into a villain?

And behind her downfall will be Mephisto calmly stirring the pot until he can take over the universe.

With theories that Mephisto may play a role in Loki it makes perfect sense that Mephisto could be this phase’s big bad who stirs up trouble in the background like Thanos until he decides to show up and takes half of our favorite heroes with him.

And then again, maybe Hayward is just an annoying Secretary Pierce rip-off and that quote meant nothing after all.


I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

4 thoughts on “Why Director Hayward May Be a Bigger Villain Than We Thought”

  1. I read a column that indicated that my rabbit theory was closer to right than I’d thought. They evidently had intended to have it transform into a big demon of some sort, and they even shot the scene. But then they never finished the VFX and decided it would derail the finale too much to suddenly have this thing show up. No word on whether it was intended to be Mephisto, though.

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