We’re One Week Away from ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this! It’s only a week until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and I am ecstatic.

Falcon has always been one of my favorite MCU characters since The Winter Soldier and now that this is practically his origin story for becoming the new Captain America…that’s nice.

Plus, Bucky has been just as fascinating. He was a fallen hero-turned-Hydra assassin. There is so much darkness that can be explored in his past thanks to this. And now he’s being forced to team up with someone who he actually isn’t that particularly fond of. The buddy cop theme is going to be hilarious, as is already on display in the trailers and newest tv spots so…I’m just ready!

And by the way, we’re getting the return of Zemo and Agent Carter. Let’s go!

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‘Monster Hunter’: Another Failed Game Adaptation

Movies based on video games is like an instant death sentence. For some reason movie production companies, screenwriters, and directors have never been able to crack the formula on adapting video games into really good movies and I don’t understand why.

I’m talking Mortal Kombat and Assassin’s Creed or the most maddening of all of the adaptations, Warcraft based on the super fun PC game World of Warcraft whose story is just as expansive and epic as The Lord of the Rings and yet was a total bust in cinematic form. Now yesterday I watched the last game adaptation to join that long list of awful game adaptation movies: Monster Hunter.

You may not know this but I’m an avid gamer. I play video games regularly and am a particular fan of the Destiny games, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Rocket League, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the old Star Wars: Force Unleashed game, the Xenoblade Chronicles game, The Legend of Zelda, and MarioKart…but I’ve also played Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter is a game that I was never really fond of. I’ve fleetingly played the game on both my Wii and Xbox One but wasn’t a fan. The actual game is pretty boring because there is no real plot. You’re just running around, picking up quests to go kill monsters with your giant weapon of choice, and then you return back to the village to give yourself upgrades. That’s it!

But I have played this game enough to know it well. So this is what I’ll say about the Monster Hunter movie.

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‘Train to Busan’ Is the Best Zombie Movie I’ve Ever Seen!

I don’t like zombie movies. Most of the time they look ridiculous and the one that I have watched (World War Z with Brad Pitt) had its various jump scares but ultimately was a bore. So yesterday my sister and I were watching movies and we decided to check out Train to Busan, the film that I heard so many people talking about five years ago.

Well, now I understand why this movie was so popular. Train to Busan is suspense and horror at its finest, delivering plot twist after plot twist that keeps your eyes riveted to the screen. The movie is just a little under two hours long and yet it packs so much into every minute that near the end my sister and I were taken aback.

South Korean blockbuster 'Train To Busan' is getting a US remake

Unlike most recent horror films which are designed to try and make you scream but ultimately have no substance Train to Busan is an actual story wrapped in a zombie-flick gift box. There’s heart, stakes, and a powerful message that rings true throughout the film, leaving this as one of those movies that I will remember for a while. (It even managed to make me cry!)

Ma Dong-seok - IMDb

Plus, this was the first movie featuring Ma Deong-Sok that I’ve seen and I absolutely loved him in this film! I’m so glad he’s joining the Marvel family as a member of the Eternals.

All in all, if you like zombie movies this is a must-watch.

I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 stars and 95 out of 100.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.