‘Train to Busan’ Is the Best Zombie Movie I’ve Ever Seen!

I don’t like zombie movies. Most of the time they look ridiculous and the one that I have watched (World War Z with Brad Pitt) had its various jump scares but ultimately was a bore. So yesterday my sister and I were watching movies and we decided to check out Train to Busan, the film that I heard so many people talking about five years ago.

Well, now I understand why this movie was so popular. Train to Busan is suspense and horror at its finest, delivering plot twist after plot twist that keeps your eyes riveted to the screen. The movie is just a little under two hours long and yet it packs so much into every minute that near the end my sister and I were taken aback.

South Korean blockbuster 'Train To Busan' is getting a US remake

Unlike most recent horror films which are designed to try and make you scream but ultimately have no substance Train to Busan is an actual story wrapped in a zombie-flick gift box. There’s heart, stakes, and a powerful message that rings true throughout the film, leaving this as one of those movies that I will remember for a while. (It even managed to make me cry!)

Ma Dong-seok - IMDb

Plus, this was the first movie featuring Ma Deong-Sok that I’ve seen and I absolutely loved him in this film! I’m so glad he’s joining the Marvel family as a member of the Eternals.

All in all, if you like zombie movies this is a must-watch.

I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 stars and 95 out of 100.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “‘Train to Busan’ Is the Best Zombie Movie I’ve Ever Seen!”

  1. Train to busan is an amazing movie. Unlike other zombie movies that I have watched this movie has an emotional plot. I cried my eyes out where the father had to abandon his child because he was turning into a zombie.

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