‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Is Worst Than I Thought It Would Be

Before I delve deep into this review allow me to let you know that I watched this at home and not in theaters, so my experience may be tarnished by the fact that I didn’t have IMAX speakers pounding my ears with the massive sound effects. That being said…Godzilla Vs. Kong is my least favorite of the Monsterverse movies and here’s why.

Godzilla vs. Kong' Review | Hollywood Reporter

Going into this movie I was not expecting some profound, emotional story with great character developments and scintillating action sequences. I was expecting the humans to be standing around looking dumbfounded as Godzilla and Kong beat each other to a pulp and destroy everything in their path. And that’s exactly what this movie gave us, but what this film lacked that the other movies didn’t was a slight likability to the characters and a fantastic climax.

Godzilla Vs. Kong focuses on Kong more than anything, delivering a brief skirmish between the title characters forty minutes into the movie before waiting about thirty-forty minutes to get to the part everyone was waiting for. The climactic battle takes place in Hong Kong where Godzilla and Kong go at it like there’s no tomorrow, treating the city like their own personal playground and demolishing it with no regret, leaving me to realize that millions of people were being killed meaninglessly and yet the humans that we supposedly care about never get harmed.

Of course, there’s always a bigger monster, that being Mecha Godzilla who Godzilla and Kong have to fight in order to retain their supremacy. Honestly, I just sat back and watched this movie with such a lack of interest or enjoyment that even I was a bit surprised at my lackadaisical nature.

I’ve seen Transformers movies far better than this and yet they got far worse Rotten Tomatoes scores. How is this any different because I found this movie to be on the level of Transformers: The Last Knight and I personally thought that was a slightly better movie (’cause I’ve seen it all the way through three times.)

All in all, Godzilla Vs. Kong will please moviegoers if they are looking for a mega monster mash in IMAX and others who watch it at home may enjoy it too but I personally was not a fan.

I’m giving this film 70 out of 100 and 3 out of 5 stars,

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

One thought on “‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Is Worst Than I Thought It Would Be”

  1. I was going into it with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The look of shame and frustration on Kong’s face near the end was actually kind of sad. As a big time Godzilla fan, I wasn’t expecting to feel bad for Kong.

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