I’ll Watch It but I Don’t Like ‘The Bad Batch’

Well, Star Wars has officially done it. They have created characters that I don’t like and they’re called The Bad Batch; a squad of defective clones with their own sets of special skills, personalities, and names that just irk the crap out of me. Yesterday the trailer for their animated series on Disney+ came out and I wasn’t impressed. Here it is.

I’m just not a fan.

I like seeing Rex, Fennec Shand, and Saw Gerrera in this show but now it feels like the cameos are just becoming a bit too obvious and forced these days. I understand that these stories continue to reside in the same storyline but it feels like Filoni may be grasping at straws to make us want to see this show rather than just allowing the show to breathe and introduce us to new characters.

Plus, the point of an awesome cameo is to not let us know these characters are going to be in the show so that we can stay surprised. But here’s the plot twist, right?

Somewhere toward the end of the series we’re going to be getting some Ahsoka, Darth Vader, and maybe even Palpatine cameos, right? That doesn’t mean I’m all of a sudden going to like this show.

Despite all of this griping, I will still be sitting down and watching this show on May 4 and beyond but my excitement level for a show is at an all-time low.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Bad Batch? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day. May the Force be with you.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Watch It but I Don’t Like ‘The Bad Batch’”

  1. So let’s see… this means some time in the next month, I’ve gotta watch Godzilla v Kong (preferably today), finish the fourth season of Doctor Who so that I can tie off the Tenth Doctor and put a pin in that in a good place for when I eventually run out of enough other stuff to start on the Matt Smith era, then watch enough of the final season of Clone Wars that I know who in the blue hell the Bad Batch actually is, all without falling off the “Falcon and Winter Soldier” wagons long the way? Yeah. That’s my “to do” list for between now and May 4th on watching stuff.

    I’m curious. I don’t have any particular reason for loving or hating the Bad Batch. They don’t strike me as the greatest concept Filoni ever came up with… but we thought this about Ahsoka once upon a time too, and these days I feel like I like her more than Kenobi. Moreover, I see this as a good lens to cast upon the early transition era between the Republic and the Empire. How did the clones get replaced by the stormtroopers? Did the clones go peacefully, or were they purged in Stalinist fashion when they were no longer useful? What did this world look like as Sidious and Vader began to impose their will upon it?

    Heck… is this going to be a table setter for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series next year?

    I think the answers to a lot of these questions are “yes.” And I’m just curious enough to see this story that I’m willing to not care too much whether I like the characters I’m looking over the shoulder of. I have no great opinion on the Bad Batch themselves. But military misfits isn’t a terribly new trope for this kind of stuff as a story conceit to reflect on this. I’ll see what I think.

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of the Bad Batch, either, but I am looking forward to the show for other reasons, most of them the same as Eric above mentioned. I’ll take the Bad Batch as a vehicle for learning more about this era in Star Wars.

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