I Officially Like ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ More than ‘The Mandalorian’

For some of you out there you probably read the title of this post and said to yourself, “Really?” And to you I am saying, “Yes. I like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier more than The Mandalorian. And I’ll tell you exactly why.”

The Mandalorian is a great show full of fascinating characters and fantastic moments that made the series a household conversation. The first season was pretty good but the second season took the story to a whole other level as it took us to new worlds and introduced us to characters who we never would’ve expected to evolve from animation to live-action. And yet…four months after the second season’s conclusion and with two Marvel Disney+ series to watch, The Mandalorian is looking kind of boring in comparison.

I recently did a massive Star Wars marathon consisting of The Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Rebels, and it was supposed to conclude with The Mandalorian. I ended up speeding through The Mandalorian and finding myself actually rather bored with the story. In fact, I still have Episodes 7 & 8 to watch in the second season and I haven’t gotten around to watching them yet because I just don’t want to. Leastwise with something as exciting as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier transpiring at the same time.

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The Dream Cast of the ‘Knives Out’ Sequel

Since Netflix made a deal with Rian Johnson and bought his two Knives Out sequels yesterday for roughly $450 million I thought it would be perfect timing to revisit my dream cast for the sequel. Enjoy!

Scarlet Johansson

Scarlett Johansson in The Black Dahlia (2006)

Scarlet Johansson has become a world-renown actress with her various roles on the big screen, namely her stepping into the limelight as Black Widow for over a decade. I can imagine her playing a beautiful femme fatale that leaves you constantly wondering if she’s the culprit behind the murder. Continue reading The Dream Cast of the ‘Knives Out’ Sequel