I Officially Like ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ More than ‘The Mandalorian’

For some of you out there you probably read the title of this post and said to yourself, “Really?” And to you I am saying, “Yes. I like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier more than The Mandalorian. And I’ll tell you exactly why.”

The Mandalorian is a great show full of fascinating characters and fantastic moments that made the series a household conversation. The first season was pretty good but the second season took the story to a whole other level as it took us to new worlds and introduced us to characters who we never would’ve expected to evolve from animation to live-action. And yet…four months after the second season’s conclusion and with two Marvel Disney+ series to watch, The Mandalorian is looking kind of boring in comparison.

I recently did a massive Star Wars marathon consisting of The Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Rebels, and it was supposed to conclude with The Mandalorian. I ended up speeding through The Mandalorian and finding myself actually rather bored with the story. In fact, I still have Episodes 7 & 8 to watch in the second season and I haven’t gotten around to watching them yet because I just don’t want to. Leastwise with something as exciting as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier transpiring at the same time.

For me, over the years, Marvel has slowly begun to overtake Star Wars as my favorite franchise as the MCU continuously doles out enjoyable content while I have to approach every Star Wars project with a bit of wariness.

And get this, I’m already bored of The Mandalorian after four months. I can literally go back to any Marvel movie, even the earliest ones, and I can still watch them to this day. In fact, the films age like fine wine because they foreshadow so many character developments in these later stories and it’s just fun to see.

Ten years from now, I know I’ll be looking back at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a smile on my face, reminiscing in all of the feels and moments. Meanwhile, ten years from now, I’m hoping my thoughts on The Mandalorian won’t be, “They freaking ruined the third season!”

And yes, I know, The Mandalorian has some of the best characters ever written like Mando and Baby Grogu but honestly, they’re great and all, but I’m just far more invested in Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Of course, these are the words of an avid Marvel fan who’s losing her mind over The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on a weekly basis so…yeah.

But both shows are incredible and have really made my Disney+ Fridays an event.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a phenomenal day.

4 thoughts on “I Officially Like ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ More than ‘The Mandalorian’”

      1. It’s fine. You did sort of inspire me to consider posting that I like Rise of Skywalker better than Empire Strikes Back after further reflection, but that one would probably be too blatant. πŸ˜“

        I’ve come to a conclusion that I just flat out don’t like watching main characters bicker, and it rises to actual peeve level when they actively put themselves in danger when they do so. I touched on this in my own blog on episode 3, but it’s a big reason I’m not as into Attack on Titan, too. Although in fairness, that’s waaaaaaaay more extreme on the counterproductive spleen venting than this. But then we’re treated to Sam going into a deep cover situation and not only brings his personal phone along, he apparently hasn’t heard of Do Not Disturb mode, just in case we otherwise get lulled into thinking that he’s a competent action spy or something. πŸ˜–

        At some point, I just don’t like these two characters as much as Mando and Grogu, and I don’t like Captain America nearly as much as Star Wars. It’s a thing.

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