Ranking the ‘Toy Story’ Movies: From Worst to Best

I just recently participated in a Toy Story marathon over the weekend; a fun activity I had never done before. What made the marathon so fascinating was that I rarely watch the Toy Story movies. I’m talking RARELY. I had seen the first one a couple of times, the second one only once, the third about, maybe…three or four times, and the last one only once a couple of years ago so I pretty much forgot the details of every movie, specifically the second one.

Toy Story is one of the most brilliant concepts for an animated film (or films) I’ve ever seen. There’s just something so unbelievably rewarding in watching a bunch of toys on these wild (and often emotional) adventures that help teach us life lessons and make our day a little brighter. In watching the Toy Story movies, I decided this was the perfect time to do a ranking of this wonderful franchise. Enjoy!

4. Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is a fun addition to the franchise and it has its lovable moments but ultimately the same level of sheer brilliance that the other three movies possess just isn’t there with this one. It’s the same old trope (Woody’s on a mission and he’s struggling to come to terms with his loyalty to his kid, this now being Bonnie.) Bo Beep’s character is updated from being more than the pretty farm girl toy who likes Woody to becoming essentially Sharon Carter.

The iconic duo, Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele bring Ducky and Bunny to life in an expectedly hilarious way but even they sometimes feel schticky. The best thing about this is Forky who is funny, sweet, and an instant iconic Toy Story character.

All in all, yeah this movie will make you shed some tears but it just doesn’t live up to the fantastic nature of the other films.

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Madripoor Is an Easter Egg Worth Getting Excited About!

In the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we were introduced to the fictional island, Madripoor, where Sam and Bucky learned some interesting information that turned the series on its head. I, of course, went Googling to see what significance the fictional city had for the MCU and what I learned excited me big time.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Every MCU Easter Egg In Episode 3

Apparently, Madripoor is very popular with X-Men character, Wolverine. Yeah, you’re hearing correctly. I see what the MCU is cleverly doing. They’re slowly weaving in the areas that have something to do with these X-Men characters and that is truly an exhilarating thought!

I just wanted to share that tidbit with you and I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.