I Owe ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ An Apology

When I first watched Godzilla vs. Kong a little over three weeks ago I watched it on my trusty Chromebook and ultimately wasn’t a fan. Hong Kong’s destruction felt unnecessary to me, the human characters irked me to death, and it just didn’t live up to the hype. Now, three weeks later, I watched this film again with my family on my nice television and it was like night and day!

Yes, the humans were still kind of irking but I found myself staring at the screen in wide-eyed shock as Adam Wingard took us on a directorial spectacle that I could only imagine to be absolutely phenomenal in IMAX. And the sound! Wow. You could feel the power of these enormous monsters.

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer - YouTube

When the movie ended I decided to immediately write a post sharing my newfound thoughts on the film because Godzilla vs. Kong is actually kind of fantastic. In fact, I may even like it a little more than Godzilla: King of the Monsters which previously held on to the title of best Monsterverse film with a Godzilla-grip.

Nowadays, well, Godzilla vs. Kong is actually kind of epic and I’m not ashamed to admit that my previous review was definitely misguided.

Now, I do stick to the fact that this movie’s storyline is very weak, otherwise I would’ve enjoyed it on the Chromebook. But the spectacle is undeniable and a true masterpiece for the monster movie genre. Let’s hope the success of this film makes Warner Bros. want to continue these movies because I honestly need more.

With this rewatch I will now give this movie a solid B+. My last score was C- so yeah…watching it on the television was a major upgrade. Lol.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

3 thoughts on “I Owe ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ An Apology”

  1. Yeah. Godzilla movies aren’t high art, and they’re not even Star Wars. We bash Rise of Skywalker and Solo because they’re just not up to a really high standard set by George Lucas’ original three movies, or even the prequels. But taken in a vacuum, they’re still better than most Godzilla movies, and it’s definitely better than Godzilla vs Megalon. Or “and then John was a zombie.”

    Do I LIKE Rise of Skywalker as much as Godzilla vs Kong? No. But if JJ Abrams hadn’t put the Star Wars logo on it and wasn’t asking me to believe this was a fitting end to what George Lucas started, I’d have been more okay with it. “Somehow Palpatine returned” isn’t sillier than this hot mess: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YpWoNG6H8MY

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  2. I saw it in IMAX once and was disappointed. The stupid human characters reminded me of all those annoying characters in Independence Day that made that movie hard to watch. The special effects in the final battle just didn’t look impressive at all. The buildings seemed to tip over like tinker toys. This movie seemed to be doubling down on the leading the monsters around with little electronic boxes from King of the Monsters, which just reduces the terrifying nature of the monsters. I want to see the humans helpless in the face of the monsters’ primal wrath. I don’t want them running the whole show. The sign-language connection with Kong was the most interesting part of the movie. The visit to the underground world was kind of cool. Ultimately the big battles weren’t down that well and didn’t have any unique and clever moments. I didn’t see the first Godzilla but I liked King of the Monsters better than this. King certainly did a better job making the monsters scarier.

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