The Newest Episode of ‘The Bad Batch’ Is Surprisingly Dark

The Bad Batch‘s third episode was way better than I expected as it introduced new characters into the story that add a particularly interesting spin on the series as a whole. Crosshair is back and creepier than ever, the Bad Batch’s grip on my emotions is tightening and I’m honestly terrified of anything happening to them, and Omega is as sweet as she can be.

But what surprised me the most about this show’s third episode is its darkness. Both The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels have had their dark moments but for some reason there was a particular scene in this newest episode that left my jaw dropped.

It struck me with its brutality and it made me begin to wonder just who the show was made for because it didn’t seem like it was catering to children. The Bad Batch continuously manages to subvert my expectations and I’m just ready for the next episode.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

4 thoughts on “The Newest Episode of ‘The Bad Batch’ Is Surprisingly Dark”

  1. Clone Wars’ last season and Bad Batch now are going through a really dark period — this is the point where the Empire is coming up and asserting its control, and they’re going out of their way to establish that its effect on everyday people was significant and tangible, and that it wasn’t just a barely more than cosmetic transition from the Republic before the Death Star and the elimination of the Senate in ANH. While there’s one particular moment where they’re escalating past the clones shooting the droids in the last episode of Clone Wars, they again did it off the direct frame. Keep in mind, in ANH we see the charred skeletons of Owen and Beru actually on the screen, and George Lucas always considered those movies to be for kids, too.

    But sometimes the lesson for kids is that not everything in the world is really okay, and there are genuinely bad people out there.

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  2. To your point about The Bad Batch seemingly not catering to children, I definitely think this is a series that’s not concerned with appealing to a 10+ audience. There’s just something about the treatment of death and killing that’s very in your face which isn’t typical, even in the action adventure genre, for media geared towards kids. It’s giving the weekend anime block on Toonami kind of vibes.

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