The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

The Millennium Falcon, it’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The ship that captivated the eyes of millions of viewers since 1977, the Millennium Falcon is a beloved vessel. When one thinks of iconic vessels in science-fiction you may be easily drawn to say the Nostramo or the USS Enterprise but the Millennium Falcon will always be a part of that conversation because it is so iconic.

This year may be the last time we ever get to see this dazzling hunk of junk on the big screen, which is truly a depressing thought, but I’m sure J.J Abrams will deliver a fascinating action scene that’ll highlight the Millennium Falcon in the best way possible.

Today, I want to celebrate this incredible ship by highlighting its three best action scenes. Enjoy!

3. Going Through the Asteroid Field

The Empire Strikes Back is one of the best Star Wars movies because there are so many magical scenes in the film, including this one. From the first time, I saw this scene it has dazzled me with its chill-inducing music, its iconic quotes, and its humorous moments. Even though this scene was created in 1980 the technology used to bring this scene to life was simply outstanding. Truly outstanding.

2. The Kessel Run


The infamous Kessel Run, we’ve been hearing about it since 1977 when Han boasted how he ran the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs. We finally got to see this impressive feat on the big screen last year and it was expectedly thrilling. From the TIE Fighter chase to the encounter with the massive Summa-Verminoth, the Kessel Run sequence in Solo: A Star Wars Story is easily the best scene in the film.

1. The Jakku Chase

The Millennium Falcon dogfighting with TIE Fighters on Jakku

This scene from The Force Awakens was the first time I got to experience the magic of the Millennium Falcon in the movie theaters and it was AMAZING! Even to this day, this scene brings a smile to my face as Rey and Finn escape their first encounter with the First Order in thrilling fashion.

What’s your favorite Millennium Falcon action scene? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

One thought on “The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’”

  1. I think the asteroid scene in Empire Strikes Back is simply the one with the largest impact. Not only is it the heart of the budding Han-Leia ‘ship throughout the films, but Han’s habit of improvising in seemingly insane ways inspires Harrison Ford’s turn in the Indiana Jones movies doing the same way — Jones, in many ways, is an expy of Solo in Empire Strikes Back except as the star of his own films.

    While the other two scenes are fun, they’re more pure spectacle and don’t really have much resonance once they’re over.


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