Two Random Movies On a Thursday: ‘The Aviator’ and ‘Real Steel’

I like to watch at least one movie every day. Some that I’ve seen literally dozens of times and others that I’ve never seen before. Today was one of those days where I sat back and turned on two films that were brand new to me: one being The Aviator, a Martin Scorsese movie about Howard Hughes and Real Steel, a random 2011 flick starring Hugh Jackman about boxing and robots.

The Aviator - Archive - Zurich Film Festival

The Aviator was the first movie I watched and I was less than impressed. The two hour and fifty minute film has its moments of intrigue but when it concluded I found myself wondering why every Scorsese movie I have ever watched leaves me feeling empty inside. Don’t get me wrong.

The film’s cast of recognizable faces keeps the movie afloat, specifically Cate Blanchett who plays a shockingly believable Katherine Hepburn and offers the most interesting of the film’s content. Leonardo Dicaprio, who plays Howard Hughes, also manages to keep me along for the ride as he mentally becomes more and more unstable until by the end, you can’t help feeling sorry for him. And yet, even with the brilliant performances of these two actors, the movie only seems to get more boring and more confusing.

I tried to really enjoy this film but after a while it just became exhausting. Scorsese has a style and unfortunately, I’m not a fan.

3/5 stars

Something Kind Of Cool And Creepy Was Cut From Real Steel

And then I watched Real Steel, a film that is as cliche as cliche can get. It’s all about a former boxer-turned-robot-fighter who has to take care of his son who he abandoned for a few months. What starts as a classic estranged relationship between the father and son turns into a beautiful relationship that culminates around their mission to make an accidentally found robot into the greatest fighting bot in the world.

It’s a cute story that never takes an unpredictable turn. I knew how the movie was going to end halfway through the movie and yet I couldn’t stop my eyes from watering a bit while watching the film.

I’ve seen a bunch of Hugh Jackman films and while this is nowhere near as enjoyable as The Greatest Showman, it was an appropriately cute family movie that occupied a couple of hours of my day.

3.5/5 stars

All in all, I’ve had an interesting day.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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