‘The Bad Batch’ Is Good But Kind of Boring

Last week’s episode of The Bad Batch left me very underwhelmed. I can honestly say that I was not as disinterested in this week’s plot as last week’s and yet, when the credits began to roll, I still felt a sense of emptiness.

This post will contain spoilers so continue reading at your own peril.

The Bad Batch have become a lovable bunch with Echo now being my favorite member of the crew (besides Crosshair, of course.) Omega now has her own little weapon that heavily reminds me of those pink Nerf bows the company used to sell a few years ago. Of course, she isn’t really good at using it until she needs to be.

We get another fun easter egg planet visit. Last week was Ord Mantell, the planet Han fleetingly mentioned in an argument with Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back. This week we’re getting Corellia, another destination that is connected to the lovable smuggler, Han Solo. (Hmm, is Han going to make a surprise appearance somewhere in this series?)

There on Corellia The Bad Batch run into some familiar faces; the sisters Trace and Rafa who we got a chance to grow attached to through the course of four episodes in the last season of The Clone Wars. We discover they’re still taking on shady missions that get them hollering at one another but now they’re doing these missions for good. Or more accurately, a certain someone who we got to see in a fleeting glimpse at the end of the episode…and now Star Wars fans are in a tizzy trying to determine who the mysterious figure was.

My initial first thought was Bail Organa. Don’t ask me why. My second thought was clearly Fulcrum a.k.a Ahsoka. I’ve been guessing that at some point in this series we’ll see Ahsoka make another Filoni-series appearance…and with Trace and Rafa working with a mysterious someone in a cloak, it makes sense.

However, the figure they were talking about was a “he” so it could very well be Rex who we know is going to appear in this show at some point. That honestly makes the most sense considering that Rafa mentioned that “he” would be interested in hearing about the rogue clones.

And that wasn’t even all that made this episode somewhat interesting.

Wrecker has been nursing a headache all season and now it’s gotten worse. After hitting his head he’s now uttering the scariest line in Star Wars since “Execute Order 66”, “Good soldiers follow orders.” It’s only a matter of time before he fully snaps and when he does a lot of Star Wars fans are going to cry out in anguish, including me.

All in all, while I have actually had a lot to say about this episode I’m not feeling that enthusiastic. The Bad Batch is in that gray area right now where it’s neither bad or that great, it’s just moving along from side mission to side mission before something incredible happens and makes the series super interesting.

As of right now, I’m really missing Crosshair’s side of the story. He makes the series so much better and now that he’s got his own personal death squad, his story is even more intriguing. Here’s to hoping next week we finally get to see the scary Bad Batcher again.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day. May the Force be with you.

One thought on “‘The Bad Batch’ Is Good But Kind of Boring”

  1. Yeah, that’s kind of where I was. I missed the episodes where Trace and Rafa showed up in Clone Wars, and commented in my own blog last night that they did very little to really distinguish themselves from any other antiheroes du jour or even each other. I observed that if you stuck them in a lineup next to each other, there’d have been no prayer that I’d have been able to pick out which of them was which.

    I had figured that Wrecker was in some kind of concussion angle until I added up what he said in a daze this week. That was kind of my tip-off that he’s probably having malfunctioning biochip issues instead of an injury. Meh. And here I was hoping it was a character driven way to make him less all-head-full in his personality by realizing he’s mortal.

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