This ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ Compilation Is Better Than the Entire Sequel Trilogy

The Sequel Trilogy had its ups but it had a whole lot downs. The Force Awakens brought Star Wars back with flying colors. The Last Jedi divided the fandom in two. The Rise of Skywalker underwhelmed the fandom greatly and honestly, if it wasn’t for The Mandalorian, my faith in Star Wars would be dead.

Now…do you want to know what the best Star Wars content in the last decade has been? No, it’s not the material under Disney. It is the trailers for the Knights of the Old Republic PC game which tell a story so epic that I’ve watched it regularly for the last ten years.

It may be twenty-four minutes long but this compilation of trailers may just be the best thing you’ve seen all day. Check it out.

While watching these cinematic trailer masterpieces I found myself once again getting mad at Disney.

Why is Marvel Studios so successful? Because Kevin Feige realized he had a treasure trove of epic Marvel comics and storylines that he could adapt to the big screen.

Lucasfilm has a treasure trove of emotional, deep, profound storytelling in the Old Republic era that for some reason they’re afraid of tackling. Instead, they’ve created this High Republic era that doesn’t seem NEARLY as interesting as this stuff.

I mean, who doesn’t want to see twenty Jedi fighting twenty Sith on an IMAX screen? That sounds like the coolest thing ever!

What do you think? Do you wish LucasFilm would tackle the Old Republic era? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

3 thoughts on “This ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ Compilation Is Better Than the Entire Sequel Trilogy”

  1. Over the last couple of days I’ve started semi pejoratively started calling the Disney films the “Mickey Mouse” films. It’s both literally descriptive and throwing a little shade on them at the same time, and while Rogue One and Force Awakens are at least semi worthy in their own way, all five of them are weaker than Lucas’ episodes 3-6. I’d be willing to allow that Rogue One is at least knocking on the door, but the CGI necromancy with Tarkin becoming the wrong kind of “thou shalt never do this again” marker for Hollywood in general and the way some elements kind of drag out a bit longer than they need to are knocks against it for me. If the hallway scene with Vader weren’t in there it’s not really in the conversation of good Star Wars movies. It’s clearly the best scene of any of the five films, and without it it’d probably only be about 70% as good to me just by .

    I’m a little leery of digging into quite everything that the old Legends had — after all, that’s part of how we got Rise of Skywalker in the first place. 😓 I guess it’s possible you could carefully edit 24 minutes of cherry picked footage from the sequels and make them look better than they were, although I’ll admit there seemed like there might be more personality and character development in this. It seemed like these dug more into what it was to be in the Dark Side than the sequels did in any intelligent fashion, and in some ways maybe even somewhere more overtly than Lucas himself did.

    One of these days I should make my own version of your “top ten favorite Star Wars characters” list. It might inform my thoughts a bit better.

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    1. The Old Republic has tons of content that could be adapted into something really cool, but Disney for some reason elected to do things the hard way and didn’t want to sit back and write a story first before making their films. And now they’re making these High Republic stories and honestly, I’m just not that invested.

      The Jedi are actually pretty cool but the fact that their foe are the Nihil, a bunch of fancy marauders who don’t seem that cool to me, instead of the Sith it’s just boring!


  2. I feel like Lucasfilms had a lot to offer on the big screen, yet so far has failed to do so. I wish there was solo films about each of the beloved characters from the original films back in the 90s. It would of helped build a better bridge toward the sequel films. Disney failed to understand what the Star Wars fanbase desire and sadly learned the hard way. Yet now that we’re passed the Skywalker era, hopefully this means new and exciting content will be coming for the big screen in the Star Wars universe as the storylines progress forward 🙂

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