An Evaluation of the First Episode of ‘Loki’

The premiere of Loki was perfect as it brought us into this world that we never knew about and yet were instantly immersed in through the duration of roughly fifty minutes. Considering the fact that Loki has thrived on sarcastic humor through the duration of his MCU run, it was no surprise that the episode was filled with hilarious moments from start to finish, but what was even more fascinating were the story elements of this show.

So, let’s start from the beginning of this show and the plot points that got my brain thinking.

Spoilers Ahead!

Who is Miss Minutes? Loki's post-credits scene explained - Radio Times

So first off, let’s talk about this cool scene where Miss Minutes tells us in a montage that was very reminiscent of the animated montage in Jurassic Park about the multiverse and the timeline.

Loki episode 1 recap and Easter eggs: Thor's naughty brother gets nabbed

Apparently, there was a multiversal war which is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of in the MCU but the Time Keepers were able to stop it by creating the Sacred Timeline; a single flow of time which is protected by the TVA (Time Vance Authority.)

And it appears that when people veer off of this set timeline the Time Vance Authority are around to patch it up. Considering that Feige has already expressed the notion that this show will have a major impact on the MCU and that it is coming out before Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, two films which seem to be dealing with multiverse shenanigans, I’m very intrigued to see how Loki will conclude.

And how he’s about to mess up the Sacred Timeline.

(Will the next Avengers film be called Avengers: Multiversal War? Lol.)

No, Mephisto Won't Be Appearing in Marvel's Loki - IGN

Yes, the Mephisto theories are back but I am not expecting Mephisto to show up in Loki. This is a villain that I see Feige is gradually setting up to be a powerful antagonist by the conclusion of Phase 4. Or maybe even, Phase 5, depending on how many storylines Feige wants to set up before the arrival of, essentially, the devil.


Loki Episode 1 Recap: Glorious Purpose - Leisurebyte

And then of course there was the latter half of the episode which involved Loki having to look at how his life is supposed to unfold following the Battle of New York.

It was an emotional experience featuring Hiddleston’s tremendous acting skills which have only been on full display once in that titillating scene between him and Odin in Thor. This was my favorite portion of the episode, specifically when he had to watch himself die at the hands of his boss, Thanos. As a God, he probably never expected to die, and especially so unceremoniously. It was a shock and one of the best moments in the MCU, in my opinion.

Loki trolls the Avengers with big Infinity Stones revelation

“Is this the greatest power in the universe?” Those are the words that Loki says when he discovers that this world he has found himself in treats Infinity Stones like paperweights. It’s a moment of profound realization for the God of Mischief and it reveals to us, the audience, that we’re truly delving into a more powerful region of the universe that we haven’t been privy to before.

Loki Episode 1 Recap: Welcome to the Time Variance Authority | NDTV Gadgets  360

Who’s the mysterious cloaked character? Well, I already know but I won’t tell because it may ruin the surprise. However, the question is, how does this character pertain to the rest of the story and how will they affect it? Ooh, I’m excited for all of these questions to be answered in the coming weeks.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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      1. I’ve only ever seen Owen Wilson in other thing (‘Wonder’) where he played a doting dad so…I liked him. I’ve never seen him in any comedic roles so this is ultimately my first time seeing him in anything and I think he’s a perfect fit for this show and this character.

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