My Favorite Father Figures in Entertainment

It’s Father’s Day and that means it’s time to look at some of the greatest father figures in cinema. Enjoy!

Scott Lang a.k.a Ant-Man

There aren’t a lot of fathers in the MCU but the most prominent and consistent father/child relationship is Scott and Cassie Lang. Scott cherishes his daughter more than anything in the world and his daughter wants to be just like her dad. It’s an ultra-cute dynamic that has continued over the course of three movies (Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Avengers: Endgame.)

Now, it’s very likely that the next Ant-Man film will see our first superhero father/daughter team-up which is truly an exciting prospect!

Lee Abbot

A Quiet Place review – silence never sounded so terrifying | Thrillers |  The Guardian

A Quiet Place is all about family and their tale of survival in an apocalyptic world where even the smallest sound can get you killed. Lee Abbott is the driving force of his family and he is willing to do anything to keep his family safe…even if it means sacrificing himself to save his children.


Uncle Iroh

Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Reminding Fans Why Uncle Iroh Is So Important

Uncle Iroh is one of the greatest father figures in entertainment for a reason. He’s not only hilarious but he taught his fiery (no pun intended) nephew Zuko (an antagonist with one of the greatest redemption arcs ever written) how to be a good person.

Sam Wilson

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As a doting uncle to a pair of super cute nephews, Sam Wilson shows them that they can grow up to be whoever they want to be because their uncle is literally Captain America. A point they make sure to show in a really touching way at the end of Sam’s training-to-be-Captain-America-montage. I love it!

Joseph Cooper

18 Interstellar ideas | interstellar, interstellar movie, christopher nolan

One of the greatest father/daughter relationships I have ever seen is in Interstellar. In that movie we see the tight bond between Cooper and Murph and it is, ultimately, their bond that saves the world. What a beautiful movie and story.


Why is The Mandalorian so beloved? Because of this relationship right here. Mando, a tight-lipped faceless bounty hunter became the doting guardian of the cutest alien ever seen in Star Wars, Grogu. He grew such a fondness for Grogu that letting him go literally brought him (and us) to tears.


8 Times Mufasa Was a Legendary Dad | Oh My Disney

Mufasa pretty much is the greatest father in cinema. His voice, lent by the incomparable James Earl Jones, is soothing, reassuring, and powerful. His relationship with Simba is one of the highlights of the movie and it is beautiful to watch.

So, there are my favorite father figures in entertainment. Who would you add to this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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