I Finished ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ The Other Day…But Why Was It So Hard?

I’ve been trying to finish Solo: A Star Wars Story for over a year now. Here’s the drill.

The first step to watching Solo is experiencing extreme boredom. Once I am extremely bored I always manifest the idea: “I’m going to watch Solo today.” There are usually three places I end up stopping; after the train heist (which is the best part of the movie), when they reach Kessel, or during the Kessel Run. If I make it past the Kessel Run sequence I’ll finish the movie.

When I watched Solo for the first time in theaters three years ago I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was actually pretty entertaining. But after subsequent viewings I began to dislike the movie more and more.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad. In fact, it’s a solid Star Wars movie. But there is one common denominator that makes it a challenge to finish (and enjoy) this movie…and that is Alden Ehrenreich.

From the first leaked set photos of Ehrenreich sporting the “Han Solo” hairstyle I had a bad feeling. After watching the film, I tried to convince myself that he was a worthy choice to play the lovable smuggler. But that’s just it. He’s not that likable in the role.

I don’t mind him not looking like Harrison Ford. No one was expecting a Ford lookalike (Harrison Ford has one of the most iconic, unique faces of anyone in Hollywood) but what I was expecting was an actor who could take the role, make it his own, and make me actually like his rendition of the character.

Take Donald Glover for example. He doesn’t exactly look like Billy Dee Williams but he takes the core values of Lando Calrissian and puts his own swagger to the role.

There’s a reason why we’re getting a Lando Disney+ series and that #MakeSolo2Happen campaign is falling on deaf ears.

Ehrenreich’s portrayal of Han Solo becomes more and more blatantly cringe-worthy with every viewing. Whether I’m noticing the hairstyle that just doesn’t fit him, the clear attempt at trying to emulate the Han Solo we know and failing, or the simple fact that this Han is supposed to be 21-years-old but Ehrenreich clearly looks like he’s pushing 30.

There’s something disingenuous about Ehrenreich’s version of the character that distracts from the overall enjoyment of the movie. Maybe Phil Lord and Christopher Miller saw something different in him and were going to utilize his talents in a unique way. I remember, before Kathleen Kennedy fired the directors 75% into filming, hearing rumors milling that their version of Solo felt like Ace Ventura. Who knows? Maybe that would’ve been better. Or maybe that would’ve been a very, very bad idea to pursue.

All in all, there’s a reason we haven’t any news about that follow-up Solo sequel or even a Disney+ series. At the end of the day, the best and most interesting characters in the film was everyone else but Han.

Hence the reason why it was a chore to finish Solo the other day.

I did reach the end and when I did I was elated. I couldn’t believe it. In over a year I had finally gotten to the credits of that movie. It was like an accomplishment…which feels sad when I say it because this is a Star Wars movie. It shouldn’t be that hard to finish a film in one of my favorite franchises.

But it’s the truth. There’s a reason why Solo is the lowest-grossing Star Wars movie of all time. It really was never that appealing. In fact, if I wasn’t a die-hard Star Wars fan, I wouldn’t have gone to see this movie on my birthday three years ago. But I did because what the heck. And I liked it…that first time. But now I just stare at it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

6 thoughts on “I Finished ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ The Other Day…But Why Was It So Hard?”

  1. I’ve got a really long post that I’ve been chewing on for most of a week ranking the eleven live action Star Wars movies. I’ve got Solo at the next to last. I still haven’t made myself watch it a second time, but some time I will. It’s just… eh. There’s not a lot you’re bringing up here that I don’t agree. If Rise of Skywalker didn’t exist, this would clearly be the weakest Star Wars movie, and even as it is, it was a rather clear statement after Last Jedi started to get a little wobbly that Disney wasn’t going in a good direction in general with their “one Star Wars a year for five years” plan. As much as I remember chewing on my fingers waiting for the three years between each George Lucas offering back in the day, the end results showed the care that was taken, even in the cases where they were a little shaky.

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    1. Exactly. I now fully understand why there was a three-year break between each movie. This story is difficult! And there’s no comic books to adapt from like Marvel Studios. Thank goodness for The Mandalorian.

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  2. The best thing about Solo is L3. The Kessel run is something that all time fans have wondered about and to have finally see it, I have to admit its pretty awesome. I like how Han in ‘A New Hope’ tells Obi Wan and Luke how the Falcon made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. He of course excludes the fact that the Falcon was on steroids at the time πŸ˜‰ I recently did my top ten best moments of all of Star Wars and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in Solo that came close to making it, except maybe the train heist.

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