My Evaluation of Episode 3 of ‘Loki’

Oh, there’s so much to talk about. Usually, I wait until tomorrow to talk spoilers and what-not but not today. Today, I have to talk about the episode now while the juices are flowing.

With that being said: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 3 AHEAD!

Okay, here we go.

Episode 3, “Lamentis” has a lot of great moments. For years of Loki-ness, however, we’ve never gotten to sit down one on one with the God of Mischief and truly understand him as a character, a fact that I’m beginning to comprehend more and more as the show goes on.


Bisexual Loki was confirmed which plays into the series finally showcasing the God of Mischief’s gender-fluidity. It shows that Phase 4 is definitely going to be more diverse in its representation and to take a character as important as Loki and feature this side of his story is pretty major. So, there was that.

We learned that “Lady Loki” likes to be referred to as Sylvie. Does this make her the Enchantress or actually, well, Lady Loki? Maybe a version of both. I think she actually is a female version of Loki but she refers to herself as Sylvie and has acquired enchantment powers by teaching herself the trick. A trick that she has now taught Loki. (Bad idea, girl. Never trust the God of Mischief.)

Sylvie’s story is different than our Loki though. We learn that her mother died when she was a baby so she has only fleeting memories of her in dreams. That is all that she seemed to want to share with Loki in this episode but it was a start.

You know what else became very obvious in this series? Loki’s don’t take love very well. Both Loki and Sylvie are lost, lonely souls causing misery (and mischief) where they can because that’s just their nature. I think, as characters, they are afraid of what’ll happen to them if they allow themselves to get close and intimate with someone. Hence, their eternal single status on the Sacred Timeline.


Before I get to the main spoiler that confirmed a feeling I had last week about the Time Keepers I would like to point out that the visual effects in this show are stellar. The world, Lemantis-1, was as fleshed out as anything I’ve seen on the big screen pertaining to the MCU which I found very impressive. Plus, that final sequence with the chaos of Lemantis-1’s destruction all happening in the course of one shot was pretty spectacular too.

Now, to the Time Keepers. The last episode seemed to hint, to me at least, that the Time Keepers were actually kind of creepy when I learned a little more about them. Their control over the TVA, namely the agents that employ the TVA, seemed a little bit fishy to me and now, well, it’s been confirmed that something is kind of wrong.

Apparently the TVA agents are people stolen from various timelines and worlds (or maybe just Earth) and brainwashed into believing they work for this all-powerful force in the universe. But what’s really happening?

This series is leading somewhere, most likely straight to the Time Keepers, and that’s where the multiverse of madness will be sent into effect as Loki and Sylvie throw everything into universal chaos. And honestly, I’m embracing the idea of this multiverse thing happening. I like the idea of having variants of our favorite characters, like Sylvie for example.

Does that mean we could see Chris Evans return? Or Robert Downey Jr.? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those ridiculous fans who’ll put a #BringBackTonyStark billboard in LA because I miss him that much. Natasha and Tony’s sacrifices were beautiful and conclusive endings to their stories that should not be rescinded but…if Marvel Studios found a way…I wouldn’t be mad. And there have already been rumors that Chris Evans may return for a future MCU installment.

Of the three actors whose story ended in Endgame, Downey Jr., Johansson, and Evans, Chris Evans seems the most enthusiastic to come back so…let’s see what happens!

All in all, another great episode of Loki and I am VERY intrigued to see what happens next week because that ending was quite abrupt!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

2 thoughts on “My Evaluation of Episode 3 of ‘Loki’”

  1. When I was writing up my take last night I was pondering whether we’d really conclusively established who Sylvie really was. When I first started writing based on memory, I was observing that she was being rather slippery on actually being a Loki in places — she didn’t want to be called Loki, and when Loki himself repeatedly referred to himself as a god, she refrained from shutting him down by saying she was as well. This made me wonder if she was actually something else and just was allowing him to come to his own assumptions. I’ve RP’ed enough slippery deceivers in my time who were totally okay with lying by omission like this when people jumped to false conclusions, that I found myself suspicious that she was silently lying to him by allowing him to use his own conceits to lead himself astray.

    That said, she took the hand cannon blast from the lady in the hut just as well as he did (which I suspect would’ve reduced a mortal human to a fine mist), and she was _at least_ as capable in hand to hand fighting as he was. So I don’t buy that she’s the sort of Sylvie from the comics who was being made to believe she was an Asgardian. She’s not a mortal. After re-watching bits of it to review my thoughts on this, she did specifically say she doesn’t consider herself a Loki “any more” with a further “that’s not who I am now.” Whether or not that was a lie to further nudge him to false conclusions he was already doing on his own, or whether that was simply her being done with it and not wanting to follow his conceits… it’s perhaps an open question if one wants to doubt that she’s really an alternate version of him. I do suspect they wouldn’t have had her overtly identify as “she used to be a Loki” if she was lying, though… so I went back and slightly edited what I said up front (which, at first blush, was that I thought it was inconclusive) before I posted it.

    Lamentis was visually amazing. The only thing I can think of that’s particularly like it visually was maybe that dodgy Time Machine movie from about 10-20 years ago, where they had a shift in the moon’s orbit take the place of a nuclear holocaust as a reason why human civilization had transitioned to whatever was their version of the Eloi and the Morlocks. This was much better rendered and with a much more immediate sense of catastrophe, though.

    Good stuff.

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