Are Loki and Sylvie Marvel’s Kylo Ren and Rey?

Loki has been quite the ride so far and while I may have written a post on whether Loki would finally have a love interest in his own series I definitely did not expect it to happen like this…

Loki episode 3: The MCU gets its first official bisexual character - CNET

In the third episode we spend forty minutes with Loki and Sylvie bonding. The fourth episode takes that bond to the next level. And before I go any further, yes that bond is romantic. A lot of people are hoping it’s a platonic situation happening but everything is pointing to Loki falling for Sylvie and vice versa. Just think about it.

They met, despised each other at first, and then when they had the chance they began to talk. He showed her some fireworks from his hand, he sang to her, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, and from there on their friendship blossomed.

Loki Episode 4 Review: The Real Nexus Event Was The Friends We Made Along  The Way - ToysMatrix

Skip to the next episode, they hold hands and stare at another as they’re about to die, causing a massive spike in the timeline because Loki, according to the Time Keepers (or whoever), is supposed to be alone for eternity. But now he genuinely isn’t. They share one last glance as they are being taken away from each other by the TVA. Loki, upon hearing that she’s “dead” is completely devastated and is only consoled when he discovers she’s alive. They “kill” the Time Keepers and have a private moment under a strangely romantic setting where Loki is about to say something to Sylvie most likely along the lines of “I love you.” And if that isn’t enough to convince you listen to these words from the chorus of the song in the credits:

If you love me

Really love me

Let it happen

I won’t care

Yeah…they’re in love.

It’s a bit weird but honestly, it’s the only romantic relationship that makes sense with Loki. He’s not the type of guy to get close to someone so who would he fall in love with in the span of a six-episode series? A female version of himself who has managed to forge her own path, hence becoming more of her own person than just another Loki.

Yeah, they may like the same type of clothes or horned crowns but Sylvie is very different, for a reason. She doesn’t like being called Loki, she dyes her hair blond, she can enchant people and uses a sword instead of a pair of daggers, and because she was taken from Asgard as a child, she never got to really become an Asgardian princess or embrace her story as the Goddess of Mischief.

Because they made her so different Loki’s feelings for her don’t seem as obviously weird and because she is similar to him she understands him completely. What a soulmate!

But what I’m garnering even more from their relationship is the uncanny parallels to Kylo Ren and Rey.

For Kylo Ren and Rey, they too started their relationship on the wrong foot. Both were trying to kill each other but circumstances prevented that from happening. Through Force Skype they began to bond and understand one another. For both Kylo Ren and Rey, they were loners, one bad, one good which is very much like Loki and Sylvie, Loki being bad and Sylvie being good. They teamed up just in time to kill Snoke and take on a bunch of Praetorian Guards.

Hmm…this looks familiar.

Their relationship was a massive twist for the fate of both their destinies when they discovered that they were a dyad, a powerful force unseen for centuries. For Loki and Sylvie, the fact that they care for one another in such a profound way is literally breaking reality.

So…if Marvel is treating Loki and Sylvie’s stories in a similar fashion to Kylo Ren and Rey will Loki die? I mean, he kind of just did but you know, will he officially die and Sylvie will take up the baton as the new Loki? Gosh, I hope not.

Killing Ben Solo when he had just turned good was painful enough. Please Marvel Studios, refrain from killing the God of Mischief for the umpteenth time. And don’t switch things and kill Sylvie either or I will lose it!

Do you like the idea of Loki falling in love with Sylvie? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Are Loki and Sylvie Marvel’s Kylo Ren and Rey?”

  1. Well, falling in love with himself is sort of poetic for a semi-evil god, really. That said… I don’t know if they’re going to have the stones to kill him off as part of this. But then again, how long is Hiddleston going to stay in the role? He’s so closely associated with the earlier phases of the MCU that sooner or later they kind of have to move on. About the only reason they wouldn’t is if they want Hiddleston to knock Stewart and Jackman out of the record books for longest careers playing a Marvel character, because there’s probably diminishing returns to what they’re really going to get out of the character. Not that anyone’s OCD enough to be breaking out a calendar calculator or anything, but dating it from the first theatrical release of Thor in Sydney and going forward 16 years and 229 days, this would mean Hiddleston would need to appear as Loki in an MCU release on or after December 2, 2027…. you know, if you’re counting. I’m totally not. 😓

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    1. Well, Hiddleston doesn’t seem like he’s tired of playing this character, I think a second season of Loki has already been greenlit by Marvel, so the possibility of Loki being around for another six or more years seems plausible.

      I mean, they killed him in Infinity War and then found a way to bring him back so I don’t think we’ll be saying goodbye to the God of Mischief until his story has officially run its course or Hiddleston eventually gets tired of being Loki.

      And yes, it’s very poetic and actually kind of brilliant for Loki to essentially fall for himself. What an incredible seismic narccicist. Lol.

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  2. I have no problem with them being in love. They’re different enough entities to make it less weird, lol. And it IS poetic, a kind of spiritual lesson: Loki finally learns to love himself, lol. It’s great.

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