‘Loki’ Gave Me Everything I Needed This Week…And a Little Bit More!

A few weeks back I realized something. Loki was the best MCU installment since Infinity War. Each week has confirmed that initial gut reaction to this rollercoaster of a magical ride.

Loki has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters but it is, ultimately, this show that has shown this character in such a powerful, profound way that I’m honestly quite moved, excited, and downright overjoyed for the potential of where this story can lead as a whole in this franchise.

Today’s episode was everything I expected from this series’ penultimate episode; it was funny, riveting, a little bit more romantic, and that ending had me staring at the screen with a wide-eyed smile.

I think what I’m most excited about with this show is the idea that maybe, for the first time with these Marvel series, we have a chance for the finale to actually be the best episode.

Loki has set up enough of a storyline where the end looks very grand and I. Am. HERE FOR IT!

Tomorrow, of course, I’ll delve deeper into the episode but for now, time for a rewatch.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

6 thoughts on “‘Loki’ Gave Me Everything I Needed This Week…And a Little Bit More!”

      1. I rewatched it. I’m still feeling it was a bit of a climb down, although the fatalism of the other Lokis — depressed self-doubt, really — stood out a little more to me this time. Their attitude that all they do is backstab and stand around making plans that ultimately come to nothing stood out a bit more to me this time. It probably doesn’t really account for such a drop off in the overall plot movement, but I suppose in a story about Loki, examining what makes him him by showing us his failed variants is maybe worthwhile. I’ll have to think on that.

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